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Apartment plants

Grow ficus

The Ficus are in nature trees, or shrubs, which can reach enormous dimensions; those of Asian origin are cultivated as houseplants, given their elegant bearing and beautiful glossy foliage. Bonsai Kit - Kit for growing your Bonsai Tree starting from seed - Original gifts for gardening and seedling lovers - Gift Set with 5 varieties of Bonsai Trees - With instructions Price
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Volcanic lapillus

Question: what are the characteristics of volcanic lapillus? I would like to know what are the characteristics of volcanic lapillus volcanic Lapillo, volcanic lava 3/5 mm ( 29 kg - 33 lt) Price
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Ornamental garden plants

"Title =" Ornamental garden plants - cornflower "> Ornamental garden plants To obtain ornamental plants, various types of plants can be used, namely: - trees - shrubs - herbaceous plants - climbing plants Before making a choice to do so It is also necessary to consider some parameters: - type of soil - type of exposure of the garden - number of hours of light - temperature - climatic factors True plant for external shrub ORNAMENTAL HEDGE OF OLEANDRO ROSSO FIRE Price
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A very unusual and attractive geranium is tulip-shaped. Features of growing and rules of care

There is not a single person in this world who would remain indifferent to such a flower as geranium. Did you know that there are about 400 varieties and species of this plant around the planet? Each has its own distinctive feature: color, shape, size. In this article we will get acquainted with the tulip geranium - a flower that is completely different from its relatives, but incredibly beautiful and attractive.
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