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Question: when do freesia be planted?

I would like to ask you for clarifications regarding the planting of the bulbs of the freesias, which are no longer in bloom, do I have to plant the bulbs already now? And also do I have to water and fertilize regularly?

Fresie: Answer: grow freesias

Dear Elizabeth,
the freesias are bulbous that slightly fear the frost; so if you live in areas with very cold winters, characterized by a harsh climate, with intense and persistent frosts, it would generally be a good idea to remove the bulbs from the ground, to place them at the end of winter, when the nocturnal lows begin to rise, and the risk of frost is now only a memory. To harvest the bulbs from the soil it is good to act after flowering, and after the foliage is naturally wilted; the bulbs are extracted from the ground, they are well brushed by the earth that remains attached to them, and they are left to dry in the sun. When they are dry, they are placed in a fabric bag (typically jute) with a little sawdust, and placed in a cool, dry and dark place until February-March. In fact, this operation is not always useful for future plants, so it is often preferable to grow them in pots, after they have stopped growing they are left in a dry place, sheltered from the cold, until they sprout in spring; or they are planted a little deeper, or covered with mulching material, so that frost does not reach them in winter. If you live in an area where the winter climate is mild, you can instead leave the freesias in the ground, or if you haven't buried them yet, you can do it in the fall.