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Question: basil

I would like some advice: why is my basil soaked? what can I do? thank you very much

Answer: basil

Dear Elia,
generally the holes on the foliage are a clear sign of an insect infestation; of which insects it is, it is quite difficult to know; it could be simple moth larvae (caterpillars), which often become practically invisible, but you should also find small dark dots on the leaves, or the excrements of the cute bruchetti; in addition to this, especially in the summer months, together with the caterpillars, adults are often present, that is, the tiny gray or beige butterflies. It could also be other insects, such as the oziorrinco, which lives in the ground, and only goes out at night to eat the leaves. In both cases, it often happens that the damage is much more noticeable than the one causing it, and therefore one gets the impression that a completely healthy plant suddenly fills up with small holes. Being an annual plant, which is used in the kitchen, it would generally be advisable to avoid using insecticides or other pesticides on the basil; in these cases, organic products are usually used, such as nettle extract, which makes the leaves taste unpleasant, or they wash the plants by steaming them with water and dish soap (very little); clear that, in both cases, when you collect the basil to use it you will necessarily have to wash it with great care, leaf by leaf, to remove any residue of soap or nettle juice (which is disgusting for aphids, but also for beings human). Or cut the seedlings at the base, remove all the leaves, clean them well and put them in the freezer.