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The fence of a garden

Creating a garden does not just mean planting flowers and plants but it also means defining a space to make it your own. Only in this way what we have created can become ours in all respects. The fence is extremely important and must be integrated in a perfectly harmonious way with the whole and in addition, it must reflect the tastes of the owner. First of all we must take into account not only our own tastes but also the architectural needs of the structure of where the plot of land is located. We need to study how to bring all the elements that are part of the home and the surrounding area into symbiosis. It is also necessary to observe the topography of the place and the biggest mistake would be to want to adopt situations that are in contrast with the land that is to be enclosed. We must adapt to the conformation of the ground, we must check if it is steep, if it is rocky, if it is steep and we must even think of animals, domestic, if we are possessors. In short, it is not easy to decide before fencing our garden or our plot. If there are already fence elements even if old, we evaluate well if they are of value and if it is worth having a craftsman to modernize these elements already present. If the garden has plants and flowers we must try to create a fence that maximizes its interior. Once we have dispelled all our doubts and ascertained the composition of the land and verified all other things, we can proceed with the construction of the fence in our area. Usually when you think of a fence to delimit an area, you immediately think of a wall but it is not. There are many solutions beyond masonry fences such as wire mesh or fences.

Decorative fences

There are many fences and the simplest is the easy-to-install metal mesh with a fairly low price. Some villas just outside the city, despite having metal nets that are the simplest element, have a fence all to admire because the net has a particular workmanship woven like a lace. On it are drawn in a very artistic way, roses, flowers and hearts as well as other decorations that make the network like a highly scenic sculpture. This particular structure with a very pleasant design is very delicate but at the same time resistant and solid. The companies specialized in this type of processing are gearing up to work the net according to the needs of the client who can request any decoration and his wish will be fulfilled in full. This type of fence should not possibly be covered by vegetation otherwise it would lose its highly aesthetic effect. It is therefore the owner's discretion not to sow plants such as ivy which over time would climb the structure, inevitably covering such fascinating and regal decorations.

Fencing to fill

There are fences that besides being decorative, are original and very solid. The structure is formed by two metal meshes that are made facing each other. Between the two remains of the suitable space that can be filled with decorative stones of all kinds including river pebbles. It is a beautiful fence aesthetically and that undoubtedly protects from privacy but at the same time, it offers a practically zero visual space since the view is completely obscured by the stones. However this fence is very much in demand precisely because it completely protects the privacy and in addition the structure, from different possibilities of filling according to the tastes. The structures that are divided into modules of different sizes, give the possibility to enclose the entire area or to obscure only one part that you want to be strictly private. The colors of the modules vary from green to anthracite and are either made of excellent plastic or metal. Many use these structures using an infinite fancy, in fact they are placed inside as a fill, stones of different colors that alternate in rows or are put in bulk. The effect is really very beautiful. The specialized companies also offer other solutions such as special drawings that a graphic technician will set on a computer board and then transfer them to the structure using the stones as a means of drawing formation.

Garden fences: Special fences

A very particular fence made with panels of water repellent material, is the classic far west fence, to be clear the one you see on the American film ranches. It is formed by imputrescible and robust modules which, in addition to withstanding all adverse weather conditions, are solid and very well shapable. The modules in fact, stick together for the whole path that you want to delimit and their maintenance is almost nothing. The fence line can be modern or rustic, everything depends on the tastes and the surrounding environment and of course on the area you want to define. If the environment to be closed is characteristic, with wooden furnishings, with pergolas, grills and planters, a tobacco-colored fence with oblique elements would make it very similar to the fence of the farms. But the panels can also be white and tidy and give the effect of those homes on the outskirts of American cities. Another type of fence very appreciated, is the windbreak made of special material called Chorex which allows a discreet privacy but at the same time it is very decorative in fact it gives the carved effect due to artistic decorations created with carvings of flowers and leaves. And for those who prefer the common railings, the classic wrought iron gates, the companies satisfy even in this because there are special panels, enriched with arch motifs, robust and resistant to corrosion, functional and intended as maximum protection. An ancient style villa bounded by a similar fence, will acquire a magical and fairytale atmosphere.
Today for each type of fence, specific panels or modules are used which, as we have seen, are assembled according to the perimeter of the mantle to be delimited. The delimitation takes place as mentioned also for decorative purposes and when realized with extreme design practice, it is so beautiful that from a certain point of view, it takes the scene to the same turf. Currently, companies have a high degree of specialization that allows customers not only to wander with imagination and creativity but also to have solid and durable structures over time. The lightness and ease of installation of the modular elements mean that the fences are installed in a very short time by the operators who, thanks to a patented fixing system that does not require the use of screws or bolts, will ensure that you can see almost immediately, a aesthetically pleasing work.