Purifying teas

Purifying teas

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Purifying teas

Toxins are nothing more than waste accumulated by the body when the skin, kidneys and lungs cannot excrete. Toxins are thought to be responsible for premature aging and are associated with numerous diseases, such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cellulite and more. The causes that induce an increase in the production of toxins can be divided into exogenous causes (external to the organism) and endogenous causes (internal to the organism). Among the first we recall some physical agents such as ultraviolet radiation, numerous chemical agents (herbicides, drugs) and infectious agents (viruses and bacteria). Among the latter are the exaggerated acceleration of cellular metabolism that occurs after physical effort and numerous diseases (diabetes, obesity, etc.).
Antioxidants intervene to defend a "weighted" system, which by definition are agents capable of neutralizing the potentially harmful action of toxins. Some antioxidants are produced by the body others think nature provides them and must be introduced from the outside through a proper diet that uses the best consumption of fruit, vegetables, fish and white meat. When all this is not enough, you can prepare healthy purifying herbal teas.

Help from nature

Birch, cherry but also dandelion and artichoke promote the elimination of toxins and are the ideal plants for packaging purifying teas. The elimination of toxins takes place by means of urine, sweat and the action exerted by the liver. These herbs are diuretic and sweating.
Mattioli, the great Italian doctor and botanist of the Renaissance, baptized birch as "The tree that treats kidney diseases". Birch leaves and buds contain flavonoids, which give the body a remarkable diuretic effect. Birch helps eliminate the liquids believed to be in the body. Unlike other chemical diuretics, infusions based on birch leaves do not cause the loss of large amounts of mineral salts with urine and do not irritate the tissues of the kidneys. Birch purifies the blood of transported toxic substances, such as uric acid. The infusion is prepared with 20-50 grams of leaves in a liter of water and can be drunk up to a liter a day.
The artichoke detoxifies the liver and lowers cholesterol. This plant uses everything, the leaves, the stem, the root and the inflorescences. The infusion is prepared with 50-100 grams of stem leaves and / or roots in a liter of water. Take three cups a day, preferably before meals. Today artichoke extracts are present in the composition of many drugs due to their medicinal action on the liver and metabolism.
The dandelion benefits from depurative properties, stimulates the functionality of bile, kidneys and liver. It is very diuretic and therefore its intake is indicated in the case of water retention, hypertension and cellulite. The infusion is prepared with 30-50 grams of leaves in a liter of water, to be drunk during the day.
Cherry is nutritious and healing. Its peduncles contain mineral salts and flavonoids. Cherries are very effective in popular spring cleansing treatments. Their peduncles, administered as an infusion, constitute one of the best plant diuretics known to date. The care of cherries based on fruits and herbal teas of peduncles is good for those who are healthy and those who are sick. Its purifying action is one of the best ways to free the body of impurities accumulated in the winter months and to tone it up for the summer.

How and when to prepare purifying herbal teas

The purifying teas are prepared by taking three tablespoons of the mixture and placing it in a container, then pouring hot water over the boiling point. Let the infusion rest and cool in a covered container to prevent the essences and other components from volatilizing with steam.
Mixing different types of plants in the same herbal tea can have positive effects, if these are combined in an appropriate way. It is important to know their chemical composition and their different properties. The mixture of various plants has the advantage of attenuating the possible negative aspects of each, for example the dandelion is bitter, the birch is sweeter. But it is not always necessary to mix more plants. Only one used appropriately can produce better results than a mixture of different plants, if the latter are not combined the correct way.
Purifying teas can be taken at any time of the year, but the indicated time is early spring. In the winter the diet poor in fruit and fresh vegetables causes an accumulation of metabolic residues in the body that can be eliminated with one or more previously treated plants. Purifying treatments must last at least a week. During the treatment it is necessary to follow a very light vegetable diet and drink plenty of fluids (water, fruit juices and vegetables). For plants as for medicines it is advisable to follow the advice of a specialist and not prefer the do-it-yourself method.