Titrated dry extract

Titrated dry extract

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Titrated dry extract

The dry extract is a preparation that contains a high concentration of phytotherapeutic principle, ie the active ingredient of the substance in question, that part of the flower that phytotherapy - the science that uses flowers, plants and herbs to cure more or more pathologies. less serious - it takes care of extracting it because it is considered medicated, that is valid for the prevention or treatment of some diseases. The dry extract titled it is so called because it is certified to contain a limited and well-defined quantity of active ingredient (also called phytocomplex). The dry extract titled it allows phytotherapists to make the most of the properties of the plants and above all to exploit the beneficial effects of a specific active ingredient to treat different pathologies and prevent seasonal ailments. The dry extracts are called titrated when they are certified and meet certain requirements that demonstrate their quality: they must be stored correctly and in places with a constant temperature, ideal for preserving the phytocomplex; they must be processed in such a way that the active ingredient does not disperse and that the herbs used are respected in their genetic code; finally, the titrated dry extract must all carry on a specific label where the period of the year in which the plant was harvested and subsequently processed must also be indicated.
In phytotherapy, the titrated dry extracts are therefore considered as true and proper medicines: they are generally obtained through a process of evaporation or purification aimed at eliminating all those components that are not active or even harmful to the human organism. In addition to powder, the titrated dry extracts are available in capsules and in tablets; the cost is medium-high and depends both on the number of tablets contained in the pack, and on the concentration of the active substance contained: generally the costs vary from ten to twenty euros, however it can also be atrenta euro when the pack contains sixty / eighty capsules.

How to prepare the titrated dry extract

Dried plant extracts are powdered compounds which, however, cannot be considered real medicines: in fact they are not obtained by evaporation or extraction, thanks to the use of solvents; the generic dry extracts are synthesized by a process of pulverization identical to that used in the preparation of drugs. Their therapeutic properties are minimal, above all if compared with those of the dry titrated extracts, which in equal doses have a clearly superior efficacy. The process of extracting the titrated dry extracts almost always involves the use of solvents, specific substances that bring out the active principle and isolate it from others: the solvent is evaporated by exploiting the high temperatures which, however, never exceed fifty degrees centigrade, because excessively hot temperatures could alter the active ingredients. The active principle is extracted using "inert" substances (which do not modify it or damage it in any way) such as sucrose, lactose or dried starch, the traditionally most used solvents. The titrated dry extract is therefore a very controlled product and in possession of documentation that scrupulously certifies what percentage of the active principle it contains and how it can be used.

Mode of action of these pesticides

The titrated dry extracts are mostly found in the form of powders, while the quantity and quality of the active substance contained depend on the way in which it was dried and are shown on the package. For the dosage it is necessary to consult a specialist, however the amount of active ingredient administered must not be less than that provided for by the world Pharmacopoeia, since if this were so the medicinal effects of the extract would be null. Titration is therefore fundamental to control these products and to standardize them so that their use is as simple and effective as possible. Buy a dry extract titrated is therefore the best way to have a product of sure efficacy, guaranteed by those who produce it and therefore reduce the risk of side effects to a minimum. The dry extracts are used to treat an almost infinite variety of more or less serious pathologies: from colds to migraines, from infectious pathologies of the urinary tract to purification of the intestine, these products are increasingly used and often replace very well the real drugs and own. A slightly higher cost is tolerated in the name of minor side effects, while the effectiveness varies greatly depending on the pathology to be treated and the way in which these active ingredient capsules are used: for serious pathologies it is mandatory to resort to to classical medicine; for mild syndromes or the most common pathologies, instead, the use of phytotherapy is more and more frequent. After all, caring for plants and flowers is not a prerogative of our time, but a tradition from ancient times, when the extraordinary beneficial properties inherent in the plant world were discovered. Finally, titrated dry extracts can be used to prevent seasonal ailments and disparate discomforts.