Nettle infusion

Nettle infusion

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Nettle infusion

Unlike what we can think of, the nettle plant is highly regarded in the field of herbal medicine, and in particular the infusion obtained from its dry leaves has remarkable beneficial properties that we will analyze here. But let us introduce immediately the extraordinary characteristics of this medicinal herb.

Features and properties of nettle

Nettle is a perennial herbaceous plant, particularly widespread in the northern part of America and Africa, in Europe and Asia. It prefers fresh and shady places, particularly rich in nitrogen, and is common around uncultivated land and abandoned houses. If our skin comes into direct or indirect contact with his stinging hairs, we will not easily forget the meeting. In fact these tender spines inject a particular substance into the epidermis, histamine, together with other chemical substances responsible for the itching that we feel with immediate effect.
Its beneficial properties primarily concern the ability of the nettle to counteract water retention. Its leaves in fact contain enzymes that boast a remarkable purifying power. It is a very rich source of vitamins, proteins, salts and amino acids and can be used in the treatment of some urinary tract disorders, such as the very annoying cystitis. Through its use it is possible to cure some pathologies such as hay fever and gout.
Sipping a delicious nettle tea, we will be able to enjoy its purifying, toning and firming benefits.

Preparation of the leaves for our herbal tea

The nettle leaves already prepared for our delicious herbal tea are readily available in herbal medicine. But we can also decide to go and collect them personally. In this case, we will wear rubber gloves thick enough not to be stung by the soft but pungent spikes. Once we have finished our harvest, we will have to leave the leaves to dry for about twenty days without exposing them to the sun, but keeping them in a sunny environment that does not deteriorate this incredible product of nature.

Nettle infusion: The best recipes for excellent nettle infusions

To taste an excellent nettle tea, just follow our simple instructions. The required dose is around fifty grams of nettle leaves. We will start the process by boiling one hundred centiliters of water in a saucepan. When we see the water reach boiling, it will be time to pour our fifty grams of nettle into the saucepan and leave them to infuse for at least fifteen minutes. At this point there will be nothing left but to filter our infusion with a sieve, serve it and finally taste it.
If instead we wanted to prepare a nettle herbal tea which has an extraordinary and beneficial purifying effect, the following is the recipe to follow. This time we will boil 200 centiliters of water in our pan, to which we will add a single teaspoon of nettle leaves combined with nettle flowers, a compound easily available in herbal medicine if we do not have time to prepare it at home. So let the infusion mixture in the saucepan for at least ten minutes. After the infusion time we proceed as in the previous recipe: we filter our herbal tea and we will therefore be ready to taste it, relax and enjoy its purifying effects.
An interesting variant of our basic infusion can be obtained using this time the flowering tops of the white nettle. We boil 100 centilitres of water in our pot and once it has boiled, we pour about 25 grams of the flowering tops of white nettle we bought in herbal medicine. We leave in infusion for about ten minutes and here is that once filtered we will have ours ready nettle herbal tea white, not only very fragrant but also extremely useful for our body, especially if we suffer from anemia and want to fight it naturally.
A last recipe that we would like to recommend you can get by mixing 5 grams of white nettle with 5 grams of pulsatilla and 5 grams of artemisia. 5 minutes of infusion of this perfumed mixture in 250 milliliters of boiling water will be enough to obtain, after having filtered it as usual, a splendid herbal tea to be enjoyed with a teaspoon of honey. Not only good but also useful for women as a relief during those annoying menstrual period disorders.
Thanks to their beneficial action, nettle-based infusions are often used even by those who suffer from hypertension or kidney failure; in any case the opinion of the doctor is always to be taken into consideration if you want to start a treatment based on nettle infusions, because in many cases the use of herbs that have a specific diuretic action (such as fennel, elderberry, butcher's broom, orthosipon) could prove better than the use of nettle in cases of water retention.


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