Mint syrup

Mint syrup

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What is mint syrup

Mint syrup is a product that is extracted from the leaves of the mint plant, after a manufacturing process that involves maceration and then mixing with water and sugar. It is used as a refreshing drink, generally not pure, but mixed with water or milk: for this reason it is generally used especially during the summer. Mint is a very common plant in Italy, and throughout the Mediterranean area: it is perennial and belongs to the Labiate family, genus Mentha. It grows easily in the flat areas, but does not fear the not too high hilly and mountainous areas: up to 700 meters it does not present adaptation problems. The most widespread species, the ones we know best are: peppermint, mint, Roman mint and aquatic mint; the leaves are generally of a beautiful intense green color, while the inflorescences tend to pink. It is a wild plant, which can also be grown at home, it is very resistant and does not fear either the harsh winter temperatures or the terrible summer heats is so strong that sometimes it can be infesting to other plants and therefore periodically it should be a little resized. Mint has been appreciated since ancient times for its refreshing, stimulating and flavoring properties. It is mentioned in the Old Testament, since the Jews used it to perfume canteens (and probably also to give a particular aroma to foods), while in classical times, both Greeks and Romans considered it an aphrodisiac, as testified by Discorides and Galen , two famous doctors of Greek origin. The stimulating virtues of the plant meant that among some Mediterranean peoples the mint leaves were sprinkled on the bed and in the bridal chamber on the wedding night.
The beneficial action for the stomach, mucous membranes in general and the central nervous system is the one recognized today. Mint also extracts menthol, a type of chiral alcohol that was discovered about 2,000 years ago in Japan and is still extracted and used for perfumes, food essences and medicines.

Mint syrup: Where can you buy and how much does mint syrup cost?

The Mint syrup it can be found almost everywhere, starting from the supermarkets, where however it is easy to find industrial products of unsecured quality, given that for the logic of maximum gain with minimum expense, mint syrups are often obtained by adding in high doses of artificial flavors and dyes. Therefore, to have a guarantee of quality, it is better to look for this product in health food stores or organic food stores. The cost is not high, generally: generally however the quality is higher, the price is higher; there is talk of about 8 euros per liter, but certainly it is better to spend a few euros more when it comes to health.