Synthetic grass carpet

Synthetic grass carpet

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Synthetic grass carpet

The synthetic grass mat is a valid aid when there are not the right environmental conditions that favor the right growth of the grass due to the lack of the minimum requirements it requires. With the creation of artificial grass, it is possible to give life to real evergreen lawns that give the possibility of being able to play sports on them as well.

Where to apply your synthetic grass carpet

The spaces suitable for the positioning of the synthetic grass are the external spaces such as the balconies or in the area where a private garden could be built but where the land does not allow the realization. This type of carpet has the great merit of being able to give a new appearance to the external areas of the house, where perhaps before there was a damaged or uneven turf.

Discover the characteristics of the synthetic grass mat

Through internet or in shops, it is possible to find various models of synthetic carpets, they can vary according to the length and also according to the material with which they are made. If you are looking for a model suitable for outdoor spaces, you can opt for a synthetic carpet carpet that looks very much like the model for interiors but with the variant in softness that is greater and in the color more clear and lively. If you want a very truthful effect, it is good to opt for the synthetic mantle with straw root that has the characteristic of being perfectly integrated with the space present in your garden. To have an optimal yield, the synthetic grass carpets are made with polypropylene suitable for outdoor spaces as it is a material that perfectly resists external atmospheric agents. Thanks to the choice of the synthetic mat, it is possible to avoid the problem of having to spend a lot of money to entrust a gardener with the task of keeping the grass at the desired height, or avoid spending a lot of time to keep his meadow

Discover the types of synthetic carpets

The synthetic grass carpet has the excellent visual characteristic of giving the illusion of having a new garden in the home, characterized by the presence of always fresh grass. The most common one is characterized by finishes that are not elaborate, it is also referred to as low-lying mats and is mostly used to cover those areas of damaged gardens. In the trade you can find grass carpets of classic color then green but blue and red colors are also available. One of the fairly common types has a thickness of about 12mm, which make it an excellent aesthetic factor even for use in the sports range. Then there are the rugs with twisted matting which is very soft and undergoes a process that creates twisted filaments that remain unchanged even if they are stepped on. If you want to cover your garden, experts recommend the use of professional synthetic grass mats, which are soft to the touch and have the tufts that are as similar as possible to the real ones, in order to give a perfect touch. In order to obtain an effect that is the most similar to that of real grass, there are in the trade in the types of turf of a light green or straw-colored color that are also suitable for being placed in outdoor spaces to restaurants or hotels.

Where to place the synthetic grass carpet

This type of mantle is suitable to be placed on terraces or within its own balconies, nothing prevents them from being positioned around the pool or in the area adjacent to the wooden houses. Since these synthetic rugs have the main function of furnishing and filling up empty spaces, you can give free rein to your imagination. Very useful is the placement of artificial turf in areas where real grass is damaged, burned or absent, thus avoiding leaving patches that are not aesthetic at all in your own garden. Furthermore, do not worry about maintaining these turf surfaces as they are treated specifically with specific products that are abrasive, so that synthetic grass does not stand out in the continuous passage of people on it. Special drainage supports are also applied, which are positioned to avoid the formation of unpleasant water accumulations and the formation of humidity. If you want to cover a vast area and get a perfect realistic effect, you have to opt for the purchase of a synthetic grass carpet with the specific "realistic effect", in this way it will be possible to cover entire football fields, tennis courts or to be able to cover gardens that already have a pavement, there is also the alternative of covering the enormous roofs where you will want to create wonderful hanging gardens.