Use a fungicide

Use a fungicide

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Use a fungicide:

Fungicides are products that are used on plants to eradicate any fungal parasites, such as white or rust. The most common are based on sulfur or copper, and should simply be sprayed on the plants, trying to vaporize all the parts of the foliage; these fungicides work by contact, and therefore it is necessary that they hit the spores or fungi we want to eradicate; they also have the function of covering sometimes, or they are also used on healthy plants, so that the mushrooms do not settle there in the following period. These products are often difficult to dilute, as they are sold in powder form; to better mix copper or sulfur with water we can try putting the product in a container, for example a large plastic cup, and then add a little water, to form a sort of paste, which we will then dilute with the remaining water, up to prepare the correct solution for use on plants. Some fungicides are systemic, ie they are absorbed by plants and enter into circulation in all the leaves and branches; fungicides, contrary to what happens with fertilizers or some insecticides, are generally not absorbed by the roots; therefore, even if on the package there is the word "systemic", the fungicide will be vaporized on the foliage, or even brushed on the parts that present the disease we are treating.