Make crepe paper flowers

Make crepe paper flowers

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Make crepe paper flowers

All the techniques of manual composition, the useful advices, the tricks and the necessary materials for the realization and the finishing of splendid decorative crepe paper flowers.

The materials and tools necessary for making crepe paper flowers

The creation of crepe paper flowers allows you to vent your creativity through the imaginative composition of very few materials: you will need 1) some sheets of colored crepe paper; 2) 1-2 sheets of green tissue paper; 3) of vinyl glue; 4) of the green fabric adhesive tape commonly used by florists; 5) and of the iron wire (possibly with a diameter of 1.5 mm) or, alternatively, of some very common wooden skewer stick. All these materials are readily available at fairly low cost, allowing you to make your creations with very little expense. You can find crepe paper, tissue paper, scissors and vinyl glue from any stationery shop, while adhesive tape and wire can easily be found by a florist. As for the wooden skewers, just go to any mall you know. Once you have purchased all the materials, you can finally start making your first crepe paper flower. A little styling tip: if you intend to further embellish your final work, you can buy some bottles of colored glitter or, for an even more glamorous effect, tiny beads to apply over each single petal as if they were dew drops.

Making the crepe paper flower step by step

The first step to take is characterized by the creation of more petals for our flowers. Proceed by taking a sheet of crepe paper and folding it into four parts. Once the sheet is folded, possibly by stretching the folds, proceed to cut 4 fairly broad petal shapes, of the shape you prefer. For each petal cut there will come out another 3. This method of cutting allows you to speed up the creation of the corolla of the flower, but if you are in no hurry you can proceed to cut one petal at a time. Once 8-9 petals have been created, proceed to form the corolla of the flower in this way: take a petal in the left hand and place the others in succession, leaving some space, proceeding from left to right, slowly forming the corolla of the flower. Once the corolla is formed you decide, of your taste, whether to create another smaller one to put inside this one, creating a sort of bud, or if to proceed to the construction of the pistil. If you have opted for the addition of other petals, proceed in the same way but with less petals; if instead you want to add a pistil take a sheet of crepe paper of different color and cut a rectangle of 3cm x 1cm and roll it into a sort of vortex. At this point, take the scissors and chop it vertically on the tip, then move the paper sticks in a random manner. Whatever your choice, it is now necessary to glue the base of the flower. To do this you can choose between two methods: 1) glue the base with glue; or 2) glue the base with the green fabric adhesive tape. In any case, a small rod must first be created in the lower part of the flower, which can easily be obtained by turning the lower end of the corolla from right to left, it is not necessary for the rod to be very long, just a few millimeters. After this step, you need to take the glue or adhesive tape and permanently fix the small growth you have created. The primary corolla has been made and after having dried it for a few minutes it will be possible to add the second smaller corolla or the pistil. To carry out this step it is necessary to gently open the corolla and add the decorative element chosen by gluing it with vinyl glue. Obviously if you want to add the bud you will first have to do the work already done on the primary corolla and only then will it be possible to add it. Once again it is necessary to let it dry for at least 15-20 minutes. Once dry, the complete corolla must be joined to the stem, which can be of wire, and therefore mouldable, or of wood ... that is fixed. In both cases, the stem must be completely covered with green tissue paper and then fixed all around with adhesive fabric tape.

How to make the crepe paper flower more beautiful

The crepe paper in itself guarantees a remarkable aesthetic result thanks to its modellabilit, it is however possible to make even more beautiful the flowers by spraying on them colored glitter, after having sprinkled some petals of glue. A very chic touch is given by the positioning, in some points, of small dew drops, which can be created thanks to the positioning of small white or silver beads. To make our flowers even more realistic it is also possible to sprinkle with perfumed essences that recall the fragrance of the flower created.