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Organic products stores

Organic products stores

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Organic products stores

A greater awareness in the field of nutrition, special needs in the daily diet, the desire to make people respectful of people and the environment, are increasing the demand for organic products and the search for reliable and specialized shops.
Nowadays eating organic is no longer an elite choice, linked only to traditional middle-high income and education groups. The increase in cases of food intolerances, the desire to eat healthy and certified food in the face of the spread of fraud and food contamination, the increasingly widespread awareness that behind every purchase there is a choice to support workers' rights and environmental protection are all reasons that are widening the range of users towards the world of bio.

Bio: not just food

Personal hygiene, home care, clothing, gardening and small crops, furniture: today bio is no longer just what I choose to bring to the table, but everything that revolves around the most immediate daily needs. From laundry detergents, dishes and flooring to body care and hygiene, as well as the choice of organic cottons and natural fabrics for shoes and clothes, the furniture in the home, up to the fertilizers for flowers on the terrace and the small vegetable garden home. Even for our four-legged friends, of course, the organic world presents its offer: croquettes, paté, biscuits, bubble bath all entirely organic. The requests are wide-ranging and the market responds with high quality products and at less and less prohibitive costs, for an average family, respected a few years ago.

From farms to large chains

Even if we live in a big city, just go a few miles outside and find farms that produce and distribute organic fruits and vegetables. This can also prove to be an excellent choice if we wish to spend some time outdoors and maybe participate in one of the more and more numerous laboratories that the farms offer, such as, for example, vegetarian cooking courses, recycling, homemade soap production or the educational farm for children.
If, on the other hand, we want to stay in the city, in addition to small shops and specialized herbalists, we can count on the ever increasing number of sales points linked to networks under one brand. Real supermarkets in which to go and buy from bread to moisturizer to flower fertilizer. Moreover, even the traditional chains of large retailers increasingly offer organic brands and elements from fair trade, along with specific products for celiac disease and other dietary needs.
There is no shortage of furniture and clothing stores where everything comes from organic cultivation and presents only natural and anti-allergic treatments.
Furthermore, wanting to go out to dinner and be celiac, vegetarian or vegan today, at least in the big cities, is no longer a problem: many restaurants set up special menus or are entirely dedicated to a certain type of customer.

Some proposals chosen for you

"Spirito Bio" is an online store: you can do the shopping sitting in front of the computer and put pasta, wine, beans, books in a virtual cart. Orders are processed within 24/48 hours and there is the possibility of entering as a buying group. Or as a group of people who order a quantity of goods greater than that of a single family, in a single shipment, giving the right to some savings on the cost and on the shipping costs.
On the web we also find the interesting proposal of "Perfetti Biologici" which proposes not only the organic, but also the enhancement of typical local products. All that we find, in fact, in this virtual market comes from the Calabrian lands, with its many excellences in the field of cured meats, cheeses, wines. But not only that, special attention is also dedicated to the baby and household department.
Finally, always online, we point out "Ecomarket", where eco is for both ecological and economic. "It's organic and cheap" is their motto, firmly believing that organic should not be a niche market and that eating well and taking care of your health is everyone's right. He also deals with numerous other projects, such as collective catering for school, company and hospital canteens.
With almost 300 shops distributed throughout the peninsula, "CuoreBio" is one of the most widespread and popular organic supermarkets. Born 25 years ago, its founders believed, first of all, in Italy, that the organic could spread and be welcomed by wider consumer groups. Among its brands we find many historical companies in the sector, the staff is always very well informed about the products and the processes of cultivation and distribution of all the goods present, creating a general climate of reliability and efficiency.
"Eco Arredo" is instead an internal company dedicated to the production of eco-sustainable furniture. The company, which is constantly growing, has also undertaken a voluntary corporate social responsibility initiative to guarantee ever greater efficiency in terms of the social and environmental impact of production.
Lastly, we would like to mention the "Artimestieri" social cooperative which deals with both bio-furnishing and green building. In their catalog we find furnishings of great taste and quality, with special attention to children.