Aloe for the hair

Aloe for the hair

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Aloe: a panacea for the hair

Above all, the benefits that this plant has for humans are well known, since for over 5000 years there has been evidence of the use of aloe barbadensis for curative purposes. In ancient times, magical powers were attributed to aloe and in ancient Egypt it was believed that the same was decisive for bringing the soul of the deceased into the realm of the afterlife. Queen Cleopatra used to use it as a moisturizer for the skin and the aloe ointment was commonly used in the treatment of wounds of soldiers due to its cicatrizing effect. Aloe leaves are edible and the juice is a natural tissue moisturizer, useful in detoxifying diets, to relieve stomach pains and to resolve constipation problems. It seems to be very useful also to relieve headaches. It is mentioned in the book of the kamasutra to have aphrodisiac properties. Already in ancient Roman times, we read in the "historia naturalis" of Pliny the Elder it was thought that the aloe contributed to the arrest of hair loss and made the latter stronger and shinier. Aloe-based remedies such as compresses or juices to be taken internally were known treatments to combat baldness.

The benefits of aloe

Aloe counts among its beneficial antiseptic, moisturizing, detoxifying and restorative properties therefore beneficial not only for hair care but also for maintaining the general well-being of the body. In fact we must not forget that the hair and nails are "mirror" of our general state of health and therefore to make the hair thicker and healthier it is necessary to intervene on the organism in general. It may be helpful to adopt a healthy lifestyle and drink a glass of aloe juice every morning on an empty stomach for at least a month. Aloe juice is a product easily available in herbal medicine at affordable prices. The important thing is to choose a product not added with sugars or artificial colorings. The best choice, having the possibility, would be to cultivate the plant in a pot and prepare its juice directly. Since aloe tolerates drought well and does not need special care, growing it at home could be the best solution.

The uses of aloe in cosmetics

Many cosmetic preparations to combat baldness contain aloe as a base element for its cited nourishing and anti-oxidant characteristics that normalize the scalp and allow hair health. Nourishing hair masks to be applied after shampooing and to be applied for at least fifteen minutes are also very popular. They are preparations that can be purchased conveniently in herbal medicine and in natural cosmetics shops. Alternatively, you can prepare a DIY mask with fresh blended aloe, a spoonful of whole white yogurt and a spoonful of honey. This is a very effective home remedy to strengthen and nourish the scalp.

The use of aloe to remedy baldness

Baldness in many cases is a more frequent and visible natural aging process in men than in women. The best procedure is to combat the onset of baldness before it occurs. The first thing to do is to moisturize and nourish the scalp in unsuspected times. Keeping your hair clean and healthy is the first step to keeping them healthy. Naturally a healthy lifestyle is very important and aloe is a valid ally to regularize intestinal transit and correct all intoxicating episodes of the organism.
It is not certain that aloe vera contains elements that promote hair regrowth especially in cases of hair loss due to general weakening or androgenetic alopecia but it is established that aloe thanks to its healing and nourishing properties maintains ideal conditions for regrowth. In the case of androgenetic alopecia the problem must be treated in a timely manner because regrowth is possible up to atrophy of the hair follicle.

Aloe for hair: Aloe for internal and internal use

Using shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and skin packs with aloe undoubtedly promotes the maintenance of a healthy scalp and therefore contributes to the well-being of the hair. In the same way the consumption of aloe juice or other preparations to be taken internally contributes to the general well-being of the organism and to the reflection of the well-being of the hair. A normally moisturized scalp is not subject to dandruff or dryness that causes weakening of the follicle and consequently of the hair. These remedies are very easy to implement, aloe is a plant that can be easily grown at our temperatures and if you don't feel like it or want time, in any herbal medicine you can buy aloe-based preparations at a reasonable price.


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