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DIY dry flower compositions

DIY dry flower compositions

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First of all, proceed by choosing the right type of flowers to dry: not all of them are suitable, the best ones are full-bodied and solid at the right point to make compositions with dried flowers, such as mimosa or lavender, roses from the bud not too big, ears of wheat or heather. Whatever flower or twig you choose it should be collected during the hottest hours of the day, better in the warm seasons to prevent the branch or the flower from having an excessive degree of humidity: in fact, the more the flower is moist, the more time it takes to dry it, with a higher risk of achieving a suboptimal result.For drying it must have an environment available (even a small room is fine) dark, dry and possibly well ventilated to facilitate drying without affecting the color of the flowers. The larger flowers should be dried by hanging them in small bunches with the stem at the top and the flower at the bottom, taking care not to keep all the corollas at the same height because they are the most moist part of the flower. On the other hand, the small flowers or little sturdy twigs should be dried by placing them on a shelf, this operation takes longer. If, on the other hand, you want to make floral arrangements to hang in a small square, it will be advisable to proceed with drying by pressing, for example placing the flowers between two rather heavy volumes separated by some layers of absorbent paper.When the flowers are dried and before proceeding to make your flower arrangement it will be advisable to spray a light coat of hairspray from a distance of at least a span, in this way you will be able to preserve the natural color of the dried flowers much longer.Different types of creations with dried flowers

There are really a lot of DIY ideas that you can make with dried flowers, from bags to perfume garment drawers, to centerpieces, to garlands. Then, by placing some object like candles or baskets next to the composition of flowers, objects can be obtained that are suitable for all occasions. Let's see what you can do with DIY, having dried flowers available.
- Flowers in bell: simple enough to make, beautiful to look at and very durable. We need a wooden plate (preferably pine), a glass bell with a diameter slightly lower than the plate, a neutral-colored sponge and the dried flowers of very different colors to give life to a lively creation. Cut the sponge to make it take the desired shape and attach it to the wooden shelf, insert the smaller dried flowers that will form the base, inserting them horizontally into the lower area of ​​the sponge, while the larger flowers, such as the rose buds will be inserted in the upper part of the sponge, arranging them like a dome. Try to lay the glass bell to check the length of the stems, if the flowers touch the bell take them out of the sponge and shorten the stem. Fill the spaces between the rose buds with darker twigs, such as the blue statice, and light flowers such as the helichrysum. Place at the base of the composition or on the sponge some silica crystals that will absorb the residual humidity of the air and cover with the glass bell, you can also fix it with a thin strip of plasticine to make it adhere to the edge of the bell and then press it on the plate wooden.

Dried flower bouquet and garlands

- Bouquet in the nineteenth-century style: beautiful to put in the vases, they bring back to an elegant and ancient style. You have to alternate creating a balance of colors and shapes flowers in bud like roses, large flowers with long stem like the helichrysum and then twigs with colored berries and thin grasses that will have to protrude compared to the flowers. When the composition is complete, tighten the stems with a wire and then cover the stems with a layer of crepe carp and a satin ribbon. The bouquet can be placed in a transparent vase.
- Garland with candle: it is a traditional Christmas idea, simple and quick to make, suitable with some variations for other occasions. Flowers and twigs should be braided following the shape of a circle, placed on a support like a saucer and inside you can place candles and pine cones to create a Christmas composition, or some other object that reminds you of the occasion for which it is created, to example a small pumpkin if the composition wants to be a decoration for Halloween.
- Placeholder sprigs: small but original, they can be used during dinners as a placeholder, a nice way to embellish the table. They can be placed in a small ceramic vase or in a basket, fixing them on the bottom with a sponge or clay in which the flower stems will be inserted to make them stay in the desired position. In these compositions, together with the flowers, the ears of wheat are very indicated, which create a pleasant contrast with the color of the flowers and green twigs.