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Fake flowers decorations

Fake flowers decorations

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General introduction

With flower decorations you can create bouquets, bouquets of flowers and compositions of various kinds, but also to embellish frames, candelabra, centerpieces and any piece of furniture, depending on your taste and imagination. Fake flowers are sold both online and in large gardening and DIY centers, and can be found in silk variants, which are rather expensive but extremely refined, in rubber or latex, more economical and versatile, and in common flowers buckets, which give a wonderful effect of verisimilitude. Before starting with the work, it is good to have the necessary material, which will consist of a hot glue gun, various types of ribbons and textures, decorative addition elements, millimeter sheets to design the decoration and tools like sharp scissors , adhesive tapes, staples, all-around glue, stapler and resistant elastic bands of different sizes. If you are a beginner, it might be useful to buy a practical guide that covers the field of creating decorations with fake flowers. There are several manuals, even economic ones, that besides explaining the various techniques, offer interesting ideas for crafting projects. In this article we will examine three decorations that can be easily reproduced, even if you are not particularly experienced. It will be enough to pay attention to the details and proceed calmly, in order to avoid mistakes and obtain an excellent result.

How to decorate a bridal bodice

For this original and unusual decoration, high quality silk flowers are needed and to be chosen in pastel shades, suitable for a ceremony. For example you can opt for orchids, peonies or white lilies. They will also serve small leaves, rose or fern petals and a few meters of fine lace. Begin by taking a small calla lily and adding other fake filling flowers on each side of the main flower, which must be positioned exactly in the center of the bodice. Some small leaves will then be placed behind the calla, taking care not to make them protrude beyond it, in order to maintain the focal point. The excess stems must be adjusted with the help of the nippers, taking care to leave about 2 cm of stem under the lower part of the calla. Then you will get a piece of floral ribbon 10 cm long so that it is sufficient to cover the stems of each floral element. Holding the bodice firmly, the floral ribbon will be wrapped around the stems, proceeding downwards with extreme delicacy. If desired, you can stop the flowers on the back of the bodice with a pair of pins of the same color.

How to decorate a candle holder

This type of decoration makes it possible to transform a simple polystyrene ball into an elegant candle holder, to be set in any type of home decor. The ball will be chosen in the desired size, but not too small because it would not be able to hold the weight of the candle. You must then cut a piece of thin iron wire long enough to pass through the center of the ball twice, and stop at its end with a double knot. At this point you will have to make a hole in the center of the sphere with a pencil, going to enlarge it until it can contain the candle. Now place a nice satin ribbon around the wire, pulling it well to keep it tight and securing it in place with a hot glue gun. After placing the candle in the hole, the stems of the flowers you have chosen will be cut, leaving only one centimeter. With a toothpick, you will make as many holes on the sphere as there are flowers, and you will cover the ball by inserting each element adjacent to the other, being careful not to overlap the petals but also not to leave empty spaces, for a final effect really spectacular and harmonious.

Fake flowers decorations: decorations and setting

For artificial flower decorations in modern environments, various design ideas can be exploited. For example, materials such as broken glass or ceramic, beads and pebbles could be introduced to improve the visual impact of the vases and containers in which the floral elements are placed. Elongated and vertical decorations will embellish a bare wall, and will acquire a particular taste if placed near applique or mirrors of various sizes. To soften the angularity typical of designer furnishings, color will be added by placing plant and flower shoots on cabinets and shelves that hang in a very natural way. For the external decorations, large baskets of straw or wicker are expertly filled with refined floral compositions, to be placed near the front door. For more traditional settings and with antique furniture, the most suitable decorations instead consist of simple compositions to be placed on dressers, chests of drawers and sideboards, chosen in pastel tones. Other ideas are those of creating decorations for small boxes or small favors to set in the bedroom, for a romantic tone that is familiar to other times.