Ideas for the garden

Ideas for the garden

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Ideas for the garden: how to enrich and decorate a green space

Sometimes it happens to be short of ideas for the garden, and not to have the winning intuition to transform a green space into a little gem. Let's see, therefore, some suggestions to be able to obtain the maximum effect with little effort and in a very short time. If it is true that any garden is cooled by water, why not focus on a small oasis? Relaxing and fascinating, even in just a few square meters you can realize an aquatic dream, having an ornamental basin in which to place some tropical water lilies. By combining yellow iris and papyrus, it will be possible to recreate the intriguing charm of the Far East, adding marigold, wooden barrels, corded pontederia, galvanized hoppers and common daffodil, a species able to attract attention without being excessive. If, however, the idea of ​​a very small lake is incompatible with the size of the garden, you can opt, much more simply, for some flower beds, to be placed in the most bare areas, using zinnias and marigolds, annual plants that grow easily and quickly. Nothing prevents, of course, from giving free rein to the imagination, combining different colors and shapes, with oriental poppies, phlox, liatris and garlic: perennial herbaceous plants that give life to a stimulating sensation of freshness.

Also the functionality of the garden will have to be respected: for this reason, it will not be possible to miss at least one entrance path (or a path), which connects the entrance to the house. It can be made with sand, gravel, cobblestone or tiles, depending on the tastes, costs and possibly combinations with the rest of the house. Another idea for the garden is to place a gazebo, below which to place a rocking chair: the ideal place to read a book in the open air, in the cool, without the rays of the sun at its head, or to enjoy the spectacle of a summer shower without getting wet. If the size of the garden is large enough, it is worth thinking about a table with chairs (plastic, if we want to save money; wooden, if we want to recreate a rustic atmosphere), where to play cards, read the newspaper or even to eat. And speaking of eating, how can you do without a brick barbecue, to prepare delicious lunches and dinners based on meat and grilled vegetables?