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Christmas tree preparation

Christmas tree preparation

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Question: Christmas tree preparation

My tree has survived two Christmases and is about to face the third. Lately I have neglected it a little and I wanted to "prepare it" to return home. Do you recommend any particular trick? In particular, having kept it in a rather small vase so far, I wondered if it was appropriate and the right time to pot it again, change the soil, etc. etc.; or is it better to do it at the end of winter? Last month I also noticed that he was throwing a lot of resin, now it seems to me he has stopped, but there are those who told me he could have a parasite. Are there any specific products or remedies to be taken? In short, any advice is welcome!
Thanking you in advance, I offer the most cordial greetings,

Answer: Christmas tree preparation

Dear Andrea,
often the production of resin by a fir tree is due to the presence of aphids, or cochineal, which lurk at the base of the needles, and which are therefore difficult to identify if not looking closely at close range.
If you notice small insects at the needle, use a product against aphids; I advise you to do it while the plant is outdoors, so you won't have to worry about the insecticide, which could be a problem at home.
You can repot your plant before transferring it. When you are at home, try to position your tree away from direct heat sources, in a room that is as little heated as possible and remember to spray it often to increase the ambient humidity around the plant.