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Extendable garden tables

Extendable garden tables

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Extendable garden tables

If you have just moved into a new house with a garden or are planning to renovate what you already have, be careful to provide it with all the essential elements to make it welcoming for both you and your guests. For this reason it is good to pay close attention to one of the indispensable elements: a garden table!
Don't underestimate him, don't take the first table that happens to you, but above all don't forget it; you might regret it just when you need it most. A garden table is in fact a sort of small center for your home, as is the living room, an element around which the whole family and guests can relax and enjoy beautiful outdoor lunches during the summer . You wouldn't want to find yourself in the middle of organizing a party by realizing that you only have a poor plastic table and don't know where to have your guests eat or where to put drinks and canapés; therefore it is important to evaluate your choice carefully.
The absolute best is surely to opt for an extendable table, so it can be perfect for any eventuality and you will never have to worry about running into unpleasant surprises; it will save you time, money and space. with an extendable table you won't have to rush to buy one at the last minute, spending even more money and don't risk not having a place to put the second table when you're not using it.
So, if you consider all these elements, you have decided that an extendable table is the one for you, in this article you will find some important elements that can help you in choosing and buying.


An extendable table is a table equipped with a mechanism composed of guides thanks to which it is possible to slide the various parts of the upper shelf and make others emerge, thus increasing its surface. The main mechanisms for extendable tables are two: the one with central extensions, and the one with lateral extensions. In the first case, a part of the shelf is added to the center of the previous one, while in the second case they are added laterally. The end result is almost the same, and you can choose either one or the other indifferently, if not for some cases like the round or oval tables that need the first type of mechanism. In any case the practicality is absolutely guaranteed, and indeed, together with the solidity, they are two aspects in continuous evolution.
In addition, table guides can be easily replaced if they are damaged, as they are sold in every hardware store, even online.


Some of you who might not like a modern design, but instead prefer wooden furniture with a very classic look, could be undecided about this choice, as it tends to think of extendable tables as simple and bare plywood tables that sacrifice taste in favor of practicality; but it is not so. There are in fact extendable tables with the most varied styles and suitable for any of your preferences; such as oval or round tables of precious solid wood, or with a wrought iron base, always for a very classic design. If you prefer something very elegant but not too old-fashioned, choose large, rectangular tables with a rattan or painted aluminum base. For something simpler, instead, a square table may be fine, perhaps made of wood, which, if elongated, will be rectangular.


As for the materials, there really is something for everyone. Don't be afraid to be disappointed, because on the contrary, you will be surprised knowing that you do not only care about practicality, leaving out the shape, but that the aesthetic aspect will not be affected in the least. The material will perhaps surprise you more, but which are instead used, are the terracotta and the travertine, for a rustic and surprising taste; precious solid woods, so as not to take anything away from the beauty of your table; and tempered glass, which when combined with a base in wrought iron, aluminum or rattan, takes on an absolutely modern, modern and elegant appearance. For an absolute elegance, marbles and granites are the masters, which also in this case can be used for their characteristics of resistance and beauty, but which are obviously the most expensive of the products. Other materials that will give you a unique design are steel and metal, perhaps painted in the color you prefer; and, that if associated with the right style, they will not make the overall appearance absolutely cold. If instead you think that simplicity is the best thing you will be satisfied with tables in solid wood, in resin, in acacia and in robina; in this case both the price and the maintenance will be lower than the materials listed above. In fact, you will have to take into account the care required for precious woods or terracotta, and the greater fragility of glass compared to other materials.

Extendable garden tables: SALE

You can find extendable tables for sale in any interior or garden shop, or even online. If you are oriented towards more elaborate types and materials than simple wood or plastic, it would be more appropriate for you to refer to specialists, who if necessary could also fully satisfy your needs with custom-made crafted tables.