Wholesale flowers

Wholesale flowers

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Buy at the moment when you buy flowers wholesale, however, it will be the florist's concern and task to indicate the tricks to follow to allow the different species to develop in the best way and over time.

Buying flowers wholesale allows numerous species to be available at a reduced price. In all cities there are wholesale sellers, which allow customers to make convenient and practical purchases by being able to choose from a very wide range of solutions. Of course, after they have been bought, the flowers must also be cared for and maintained. Let's see, then, some tips that will allow us to make them grow and develop in a luxuriant way.

Treat and maintain flowers after purchase

In the first place, it is necessary to insert clean water into a jar previously rinsed and washed with bleach. It is good to keep in mind that the amount of water needed is reduced for many flowers with a soft stem: for gerberas, for example, it must not exceed ten centimeters in height, while for roses it must reach about two fifths of the stem. Cut flowers need nourishment: on the market (for example wholesale in which we have made the purchase, but also in supermarkets and garden centers) there are specific sachets, which promote the absorption of nutrients. In the event that these sachets are not available, it is advisable to resort to a few drops of pure, non-perfumed bleach, in order to postpone the appearance of bacteria in the water: for the same purpose even small copper wires or sugar may be useful. The water should be changed every day, especially in the absence of nourishment, and its absorption can be facilitated by cutting the stems at an angle: the purpose, in fact, is to increase the surface capable of drawing water.

The importance of disinfecting instruments

Any cut must be made using very sharp blades, so as to obtain a clear and precise detachment, without any fraying that, besides not being aesthetically pleasing, could expose the flower to some infection or to the attack of parasites. Furthermore, the blades must be rigorously cleaned and disinfected (it is sufficient to use a cloth soaked in alcohol) even between one cut and another, to prevent any diseases present on a flower from being transmitted to others. Furthermore, the cut must be made under water, so that no air bubbles appear in the lymphatic vessels of the stem which could complicate the suction of the water towards the leaves and petals. The cut must be performed every day, eliminating from time to time about one centimeter of stem; the lower leaves must be eliminated so that they do not come into direct contact with water and therefore with any bacteria present. It is worthwhile to express the importance of keeping flowers away from direct sunlight, from any source of heat and from air currents: all elements that would favor and speed up evaporation from the petals and leaves.

How to prevent flowers from withering

A useful suggestion, then, is to prevent the flowers from withering quickly, keeping them in a cool and moist environment. Absolutely forbidden, however, is the proximity to the fruit, which produces a substance, ethylene, particularly harmful to flowers. In the wide variety of flowers that it is possible to buy wholesale, a place of concern is naturally up to the roses, present in many different varieties. Therefore, it will be useful to know the suggestions that will allow us to keep them for a long time. First of all, it is advisable to inquire with the seller about the specific needs of the variety in question: in fact, there are roses that especially love the sun, roses that prefer shaded areas, roses that prefer the heat, roses that do not tolerate drought. , etc. It is good to pay close attention, moreover, to the attacks of the parasites: in addition to resorting to preventive therapies, their appearance can be avoided by taking care of the care and cleaning of the instruments with which we treat the flowers. The most important enemies, like all other plants, are cochineals, which appear in the form of whitish and cottony material casings: to remove them, a solution of linseed oil should be used.

Make spectacular compositions with flowers bought in bulk

Furthermore, with the flowers purchased in bulk, it is possible to create spectacular and creative compositions, combining different species and varieties, combining different colors and sizes, giving life to exceptional shades and chromatic tones. These compositions can be made into tasty centerpieces for the dining room, in nice decks to give to the beloved woman, in special decorations for a graduation party or a wedding, in crowns and in general in creations to which, moreover, can be combined also elements like pine cones, ears of corn, stones, fresh fruit or candles. The important thing will be to seek a certain harmony with respect to the surrounding environment and the context, avoiding overly bright colors or exaggerated-sized flowers.

Wholesale flowers: Ask the seller for advice

In the moment in which the flowers are purchased in bulk, in any case, it will be the florist's concern and task to indicate the tricks to follow in order to allow the different species to develop in the best way and for a long time.