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Succulents in the garden

Succulents in the garden

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Question: succulents in the garden

Good morning
My idea was to make a flowerbed dedicated to succulents, but not being very expert I wanted to have info on:
- what was the best time to plant them
- on the peat to be used
- living in the Veneto region could they suffer during the winter?
Thank you

Answer: succulents in the garden

Dear Roberta,
the succulent plants come mostly from areas of the globe where the winters are quite cold, but definitely very dry; for this reason there are many species of cacti and other succulents that can reach extremely low temperatures, sometimes down to -10 / -15 ° C. This provided that the air and the soil in which they are located is completely dry. On the other hand, there are succulents that tolerate the Italian climate well, even in winter, like the sedum and the semprevivum.
So you can safely place them in your succulent flowerbed like sempervivum or sedum, growing them like other plants in the garden. Or you can choose between the cacti and the succulents that resist frost, but in complete drought, and therefore you will have to provide them with shelter from the weather, these plants are: Astrophytum, corypantha, echinopsis, opuntia and some species of various kinds of cacti. Or you can choose from cacti that resist frost and bad weather, and are few and only in some species.
In any case, the plants will be placed in a very well drained soil, with little universal soil, mixed with pumice stone and lapillus, so that the water passes through it without leaving stagnations.
In addition to this your plants should be placed outdoors in spring, and then have months to let them acclimatize to the best.