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Sick log?

Sick log?

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Question: sick log?

Hello, and thank you for your attention!
I have a trunk of happiness for about a year and a half; it had grown a lot, so this spring I decided to repot it in a vase a few centimeters larger. since then some leaves are yellowed and dead, and I noticed that in the bottom of the saucer there are small gnats, but they don't look like gnats, almost black lice ... I don't know ... I also noticed that there is water in the saucer, even if the topsoil seems completely dry ... that I drowned it ?? thanks a lot.attend explanations.

Answer: sick log?

Dear Margherita,
probably in the past few months your trunk has received excessive watering; if the soil in the upper part of the pot is completely dry, try to remove the plant from the pot, and change all the earth that is soaked with water, with the gnats; replace with good fresh soil and reposition your plant where it was, remembering to water sparingly in the cold months.