Do-it-yourself summer cottage shower - guaranteed comfort and freshness

Do-it-yourself summer cottage shower - guaranteed comfort and freshness

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The dacha always gives a positive mood, or just a complete rest from the bustle of city life in the bosom of nature. Sooner or later, a person feels a desire to be alone with the forest, river, animals, sky, sun as much as possible. This gives him peace and great well-being.

Now let's return "from heaven to earth." Dacha is, of course, good, but you can't do without a refreshing summer shower. And if it is made by hand, then this pleasure will be doubly pleasant. So let's get started.

Materials for building a shower

For this kind of structure, in principle, almost all available materials are suitable. It can be slate, polycarbonate, the remains of pipes for the frame, brick, stone, board, in general, everything that remains from the construction will not interfere.

On the other hand, the "makeshift" is also not very good, because you will have to tinker with it every season. Therefore, it is recommended to build something in between capital and temporary.

Choosing a place to build a shower

First of all, the place should be sunny, not windy and not very far from home.

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Wooden country shower

Wood is a natural material, it breathes with warmth and comfort, and it will suit any site design.
In this example, consider a simple shower design. Here you can get by in a very easy way, i.e. make a regular support for the tank (frame), attach all the necessary parts, and close the shower area with an ordinary bathroom curtain.

If you are interested in a more durable shower design, then you should take construction seriously.

Option 1

At the previously selected place, you need to make a solid foundation. To do this, we dig metal or asbestos-cement pipes about 2 meters high into the ground.

The next step is to make a sturdy wooden frame for the booth. Next, set the frame in the middle of the base. The booth should be as comfortable as possible in size, so think about it in advance. Then we sheathe the walls with a board, while leaving no gap between them.

We also sew up the floor with a board, but leaving small gaps, you can additionally install special grates and a drain pipe. The ceiling must be strong enough to support the weight of the water tank. Strong cross beams will help with this. Or, install the tank not on the roof, but on one of the sides for safety.

The ceiling can be covered with transparent cellular polycarbonate, which, in turn, will provide sufficient light penetration during the day. We install the tank, mixer, supply water. The tree must be protected from moisture and insects, we cover it with varnish or a special compound.

You will need a shelf and coat hooks inside the booth. A waterproof curtain can be used to separate the changing area and towels. We decorate the exterior of the "house" with elements that match the design of the site. The shower is ready!

Option 2

An alternative to pipes is a support foundation for wooden decking. We dig small, depending on the size of the shower, pits, lay sand, crushed stone, reinforcement, and then put a brick on the cement mortar.

Further, after a while, we begin to build the flooring. It is better to use a deck board for flooring. She is not afraid of moisture, high and low temperatures. The flooring should be installed with gaps between the boards to allow moisture to penetrate.

Then we prepare the frame of the cabin, install and follow the same sequence of actions as described above.

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Country shower with heating

Nature is a capricious creature, and rest should be comfortable, no matter what. A country shower is good when it's sunny and warm, but what to do if it's raining? The answer to the question is quite simple - purchase a heated water container. There are a lot of similar containers on sale.

In addition, electricity will need to be supplied to the shower cubicle and, accordingly, an outlet should be installed, and at the same time lighting. And then neither cold nor darkness will be terrible.

Choosing a tank for a country shower

The choice of the tank is a very important point. Here it is worth weighing the "pros and cons" and choosing based on the allocated amount.
Tank material:

  • stainless steel,
  • plastic,
  • Cink Steel.

From the point of view of safety and durability of the material, it is better to choose a stainless steel or galvanized steel tank.

The service life of these materials will be at least 10 years, but the cost of such a container is quite high. Well, in order to save money, a plastic tank is suitable. Volume also significantly affects the cost. Available in containers from 40 to 250 liters. This question also requires a rational answer and depends on the number of family members and other factors.

It is also worth paying attention to the manufacturer and additional functions. Tanks of the middle class, apart from electric heating and, possibly, water level, have no function. Above average - water level, thermometer, hose with tap and watering can.

The LUX class has all the functions of the previous classes and additionally such: built-in thermostat (regulation of the water heating temperature), automatic maintenance of the set temperature and shutdown when heated to the set temperature.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of a tank without heating are energy savings, there is no need to constantly monitor the water level. Cons - Cannot be used in bad weather.

The advantages of a heated tank are obvious, but the disadvantages should also be taken into account - constant monitoring of the level and water supply, additional electricity costs, periodic disconnection from the network for safety reasons, especially for plastic containers.

Comfort is always additional costs and features. Some, of course, you can close your eyes, and some need to be accepted. So, if the dacha is also visited during the cool season, the shower should be capital, with lighting, heating, etc. It all depends on the funds and preferences of the owner. Some people get by with the minimum, while others need LUX full board.

Be that as it may, there is always a way out. The main thing is good rest and "communication" with nature. Happy Holidays!

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