Arosa potatoes: beautiful, tasty, high-yielding variety

Arosa potatoes: beautiful, tasty, high-yielding variety

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In 2009, a new potato variety was bred in Germany, which was appreciated all over the world.

A distinctive feature of Arosa is considered to be high yield, unpretentiousness to weather conditions and soil, as well as a beautiful appearance and excellent taste.

Description of the variety

Variety nameArosa
general characteristicsearly maturing versatile variety with high yield and shelf life
Ripening period60-65 days
Starch content12-14%
Mass of marketable tubers70-140 gr
The number of tubers in the bushup to 15
Yieldup to 500 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesgood taste, suitable for making chips
Keeping quality95%
Peel colorpink
Pulp coloryellow
Preferred growing regionsNorth Caucasian, Middle Volga, West Siberian
Disease resistancemoderately susceptible to late blight of tops, moderately resistant to common scab and late blight of tubers
Growing featuresloves fertilizers
OriginatorUniplanta Saatzucht KG (Germany)


Arosa is a variety of table potatoes bred by German breeders. Cultivation is common in temperate climatic zones. The most common cultivation regions for this variety are the South and Siberia.

The value of a potato is based on its characteristics:

Early maturity... Potatoes are classified as early ripening varieties. Final maturity is observed at 70-75 days, but the first digging can be done as early as 45-55 days after planting.

Yield... Arosa is distinguished by high yield rates. Up to 50 tons of potatoes can be harvested from an area of ​​1 hectare, and with additional care and increased fertilizing (which this variety loves so much), the yield reaches 70 tons per 1 hectare of land. The number of tubers under a single bush reaches 14-17 pieces.

Drought tolerance... This potato variety is drought-resistant and easily adapts to different climatic conditions. In dry weather, additional irrigation is not needed, but if this is done, the yield may increase slightly.

Soil requirement... Suitable for growing on all types of soil, due to its high degree of adaptation.

Application... Used as table potatoes, in the industrial production of chips and French fries, also suitable for long-term storage. The keeping quality of tubers is 95%. Read more about terms, temperatures and storage problems in additional articles on our website. And also how to store potatoes in winter, on the balcony, in boxes, in the refrigerator and peeled.

You can see the keeping quality indicators for other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameKeeping quality
Timo96%, but tubers germinate early

Taste qualities... Assessing the taste of Arosa potatoes on a five-point scale, it can be assigned a grade of 4.5. It should be noted that the taste of root vegetables directly depends on the amount of starch.

You can compare this indicator with other varieties using the data in the table below:

Variety nameStarch content

Resistant to damage... Resistance to damage of mechanical origin is quite high - 93-96%.

Diseases and pests

Disease resistance... Arosa potatoes are famous for their high resistance to potato crayfish, nematodes, banded and wrinkled mosaics, viral infections, Alternaria, Fusarium, Verticillosis. Average resistance is observed to late blight of tubers and tops and leaf curling.

Important: To prevent late blight of tubers, potato growers recommend removing the tops 10-15 days before harvesting.

It is susceptible to the influence of silver scab and rhizoctoniae, which means that potatoes must be treated with a mandatory pre-planting dressing. Disease and pest control is carried out as usual.

For example, to combat the Colorado potato beetle, you can use both traditional methods and chemical preparations. When growing Arosa potatoes, one should take into account the fact that it is responsive to high doses of mineral fertilizers..

What, when and how to feed potatoes, as well as whether you need to do this when planting, read in separate articles on our website.

To grow potatoes, it is very important to follow the correct agricultural practices and use the right additives to increase yields and get rid of pests.

We bring to your attention articles on why and how to use fungicides, herbicides and insecticides correctly.

There are many different ways to grow potatoes. We offer useful and interesting information about Dutch technology, as well as growing under straw, from seeds, in barrels, in bags or in boxes.

A photo

Arosa potato plantations are distinguished by beautifully formed bushes with erect stems. Seedlings are uniform, dense. Leaves are medium and large, dark green in color with smooth edges that have a slight waviness.

Inflorescences are dense, red-violet hue. Arosa is recognized as one of the earliest and highest yielding potato varieties. Growing these potatoes is easy. Activities such as additional watering, hilling, mulching are not required, but can be beneficial.

With additional fertilization, the yield increases significantly, but even in the absence of feeding, the potatoes are pleasing with their high quantitative indicators. With minimal labor, you can get the maximum yield of beautiful, tasty and long-lasting potatoes, which are quite suitable for doing business.

Below in the table you will find links to articles on potato varieties ripening at different times:

Mid lateMedium earlyLate ripening
AuroraBlack PrinceNikulinsky
CourageThe dark womanCardinal
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LasunokBastIvan da Marya

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