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Cherry pruning

Cherry pruning

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Question: cherry

Hi, I bought a house with a large cherry tree that probably wasn't cut the way it should have been and it became very tall with branches that were very difficult to access. I cut some big inner branch that went very high. I would like to know if I can leave the stumps as they are or I have to put some putty and above all what can I do to make the branches reappear at a reasonable height ... is it possible to cut everything leaving the three main branches cut very low?

Cherry pruning: Answer: cherry

Dear Lorenzo,
unfortunately cherry trees are trees that do not like pruning, especially if they are drastic; generally they are pruned slightly when they are young, but the pruning of adult plants is not always advised, also because the plants are easily affected by the gummy, a fungal disease that attacks the wood of the tree, with obvious symptoms, such as lacerations on the branches, flower desiccation, loss of fruit, production and spillage of gummy resin. Since you have already made some cuts, try to prevent the fungus from penetrating the stumps by covering them with pruning mastic, but avoid making others.