Greenhouse "Dayas" - the best protection for seedlings


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Each owner of a summer house or country house sooner or later thinks about growing flowers or vegetables on their territory. Greenhouses help to bring this idea to life. By planting seeds of various crops in greenhouses, you can get high-quality seedlings that, with proper care, can provide a good harvest or give you the opportunity to enjoy an abundantly blooming flower bed throughout the summer and autumn season.

Model Description

Experienced gardeners most of all love greenhouses that are simple in their design. Nobody wants to bother with the construction of a large greenhouse. It takes a lot of time and comes at a substantial financial cost. Moreover, large volumes of seedlings are not required for an ordinary dacha owner.

Great choice - mega greenhouse "Dayas", which is sold in specialized stores. You can do it yourself, but the industrial version is usually more convenient to use.

On sale you can find a longitudinal version of "Dayas" and a mini-greenhouse of the same brand. But the principle of using both options in practice is the same. The delivery set includes legs, arches, covering material and special clips with which it is attached to the arches. Packing parameters - 0.65 by 1.1 and 0.07 meters, weight - within 2 kg. Such a purchase is very convenient to transport to the right place: it fits into the trunk of any car.

After purchase, the structure can be installed immediately. You will not need to buy additional components additionally. All fasteners and clamps are provided in advance and are already included.

The model has many others merits... Among them are the following:

  • light weight and compactness;
  • ease of installation;
  • convenient use in practice: when weeding and watering plants;
  • the film is fixed at the desired greenhouse opening level;
  • the strength of the structure is such that it easily tolerates gusts of wind;
  • the greenhouse is easy to move from place to place, if necessary;
  • durability - if you use high-quality covering material, then the greenhouse will last several seasons in a row.

Reference. Today, the “Reifenhauzer 50” canvas is most often used in the kit as a covering material. It allows you to significantly increase the service life of the Dayas and significantly saves money.

Frame materials

Plastic 20-millimeter pipes act as a frame of the model. The kit also contains plastic arches and legs, where the bases of the pipes are inserted.

Covering material
If "Dayas" is being built by a gardener on his own, ordinary film is suitable for its construction. The set of industrial production usually contains the aforementioned hardy material "Reifenhauzer 50". This fiber is a bit like cotton. It can be lifted at any time to weed seedlings, ventilate them or allow sunlight to penetrate inside. The sewn-on canvas easily moves along the arcs, and the clips help to regulate the level of its lifting.

Which plants are suitable for growing?

Inside the building, you can grow early salads, radishes, cabbage, cucumber and tomato seedlings. Often in such a shelter, gardeners germinate carrot seeds. This happens after sowing them into the ground in order to increase germination.

Important! Often, these greenhouses have inside greenhousesto improve the microclimate in the beds where especially heat-loving or moisture-loving crops are grown.

Greenhouse installation

To install "Dayas" in a summer cottage, you do not need to build a separate foundation. The installation algorithm is very simple:

  1. In the ground at the right distance, the legs are fixed, designed for plastic pipes
  2. Then the covering material is spread. During the unwinding of the canvas, arcs are inserted into it
  3. The structure is stretched and inserted into the fixed legs.

Greenhouse "Dayas" reliably takes care of seedlings. He creates for her favorable microclimate, protects plants from precipitation and wind... Seedlings in a compact greenhouse quickly adapt and grow stronger. Any gardener can be sure that his work will not be wasted and will allow you to get a good harvest without unnecessary hassle.
A photo
Photos of the Dayas greenhouse are presented below:

You can watch the video instructions for installing a greenhouse below: