Bedbug raid: freedom from parasites in a balloon at an optimal price

Bedbug raid: freedom from parasites in a balloon at an optimal price

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When bedbugs appear in the room, residents think about what kind of means to use to destroy them.

You can't hesitate with this - the parasites multiply quickly, and after a while it will be very difficult to remove them.

As a rule, the choice falls on aerosols - the secret of their popularity is their low cost, as well as ease of use.

One of these tools is "Raid" - a drug from a well-known brand specializing in the extermination of insects.

Aerosols with a fairly democratic price, the average cost from 250 to 400 rubles per bottle.

Reid for bedbugs

In the line of products "Raid" there is an aerosol against flying and crawling insects. The manufacturer claims that it can be used against any parasites, including bedbugs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any remedy for bedbugs has positive and negative properties. Has these qualities and aerosol "Raid".

The advantages include:

  • Convenient application - the agent in the can is easy to use, and its spraying does not require any preliminary preparation and preparation of the solution;
  • Effectiveness against insects - the components of the "Raid" means effectively affect crawling and flying insects in the apartment;
  • Long exposure time - this aerosol, due to the combination of insecticides, has a long residual period of action;
  • Application safety - if the instructions are followed, the aerosol does not have a dangerous effect on people and pets.

At the same time, the tool has significant drawbacks:

  • Versatility of application - the company positions the aerosol as a drug against all insects, and not specifically against bedbugs. As a result, with a strong infection, it may not give the desired result.
  • Strong smell - despite the addition of several flavors, after use in the room there is still a heavy suffocating odor that needs to be eroded for a long time;
  • Oil film - after spraying, an oily coating remains on furniture and surrounding objects, which can only be washed off with a solution of soda and soap.

Forms of issue

Means "Raid" for bedbugs it is produced only in the form of a universal aerosol "From flying and crawling insects". It contains components against parasites - cypermethrin, pralletrin, imiprotrin, as well as a special solvent and fragrances. The latter can be with different smells - lavender, flowering meadows, etc.

IMPORTANT! In addition to aerosols, there are also insect traps and gels in the product line of this brand. However, they will not work against bed bugs.

The thing is that the principle of action of these funds is based on luring the parasite with poisoned food, and bedbugs are not interested in anything other than human blood.

The effect of the agent on bedbugs

The composition of the drug "Raid" includes three components that ensure the destruction of insects:

  • Cypermethrin - attacks the nervous system of the parasite, preventing the propagation of impulses and thereby causing paralysis. This substance is most active during the first 24 hours after spraying. Nevertheless, the destructive effect persists for about 2-3 weeks, decreasing its effectiveness daily. Resistant to sunlight and oxygen;
  • Pralletrin Is also an insecticide of the nerve group. Its effect on bedbugs is similar to cypermethrin;
  • Imiprotrin - a component of toxic action, causes instant poisoning of the pest's body.

REFERENCE! The impact on insects occurs according to the viral principle - when the parasite enters the sprayed poison, the latter enters the body and begins to destroy it.

During a meeting of an infected individual with a healthy one, a toxic substance can be transferred. Thus, after a while, the entire colony is destroyed.

Due to the fact that cypermethrin retains its effect for a long time, re-treatment may not be required. However, due to the versatility of the tool, its strength may not be enough in case of large-scale infestation with bedbugs.

Therefore, you need to assess this factor in advance, and, if necessary, purchase a more effective drug, or order services for the destruction of parasites in specialized companies.

Instructions for use

Initially, you need to calculate how much money will be required to process the premises. Typically, one 400 ml can is enough to spray 15-20 sq. meters.

Despite the fact that the components included in the aerosol are of little danger for people, before using it, all adults, children, and pets must be removed from the apartment. This is especially true for pregnant and lactating women.

Rooms to be processed must be thoroughly vacuumed. Remove all personal hygiene items, place food in airtight containers. It is necessary to move all furniture from the walls; it is best to remove soft parts from sofas and beds. The aquarium is sealed with glass, the compressor is turned off.

Before spraying, wear protective clothing - gloves, gown, respirator.

  1. The container is shaken several times so that all components are mixed in it until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  2. Spraying is carried out on an outstretched arm at a distance of 20-30 cm to the surface of the object. Do not spray one spot for more than 2 seconds.
  3. Particular attention should be paid to the places where bedbug colonies are located.

IMPORTANT! Do not spray the product near a lit gas stove and turned on electrical appliances.

  1. After processing, you need to leave the room for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Then you need to ventilate the rooms well.
  3. It is advisable to rinse tables, chairs, and other items of everyday use with a solution of soap and soda, it is better not to touch everything else for 2 weeks to achieve a long-lasting effect.

"Raid" - aerosol of a popular brand against crawling and flying insects. Its main drawback is its versatility. Because of this, it works well only with a small infestation of the room with bedbugs, but with a strong one it can be ineffective.

One of the components of the aerosol is fragrances, however, after use, an unpleasant, heavy odor may remain in the room. Spraying should preferably be done in protective clothing. If applying aerosol does not help, it is best to contact a specialized parasite control company.

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