"Miracle of the Market" - unpretentious and tasty tomato on your site, its characteristics and description of the variety

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With the onset of spring, all gardeners rush to their plots and think about what varieties to plant this year? It is worth paying attention to an interesting unpretentious tomato variety "Wonder of the Market", which has a lot of good qualities.

In our article, we will be happy to tell you more about these tomatoes. You will learn how to grow it correctly, what characteristics it has and get acquainted with the full description of the variety.

Tomato "Miracle of the market": description of the variety

This species was bred in Russia, by our specialists, and received registration in 2007. After that, it has proven itself well when planting, both in open ground and in greenhouse shelters. The plant is a standard, semi-determinate plant, reaching a height of 120-150 centimeters.

This variety is recommended for outdoor cultivation, greenhouse cultivation is also possible. Resistant to the most common tomato diseases. The “Miracle of the Market” tomato is a mid-late variety, that is, from the moment of planting seedlings to harvest, 110-120 days pass.

Description of fruits:

  • When the fruits have reached varietal maturity, they turn red.
  • Rounded in shape, slightly elongated.
  • The weight of ripe tomatoes reaches 200-300 grams, but they are larger up to 600 grams.
  • The number of chambers in tomatoes is 4-5.
  • Dry matter up to 6%.
  • The finished crop tolerates long-term storage and transportation well.

You can compare the weight of the fruit with other varieties below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Market miracle200-600 grams
Pink Miracle f1110 gram
Argonaut F1180 gram
The miracle of the lazy60-65 grams
Locomotive120-150 grams
Shchelkovsky early40-60 grams
Katyusha120-150 grams
Bullfinch130-150 grams
Anyuta f195-120 grams
F1 opening180-250 grams
White filling 241100g


The yield of this variety is quite high. With proper care and good conditions from the square. meters you can get 12-14 kilograms... In greenhouses, this figure is less and is 8-12 kilograms. The fruits of this variety are medium-sized, so they can be used in the manufacture of homemade preparations. Possessing good taste, they will be very good fresh. Thanks to the balance of sugars and acids, they make good tomato juice or paste.

This type of tomato has many advantages.:

  • good yield;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to pests and diseases;
  • long fruiting period;
  • good commercial quality of the crop.

Among the peculiarities of the variety, the fact that this variety gives a friendly ripening of fruits and brings them to the end of the season is distinguished. Ripe fruits are distinguished by their versatility and long shelf life. Among the disadvantages, it was noted that this variety is very picky about fertilizers at the initial stage of plant development.

The yield of the variety can be compared with others:

Variety nameYield
Market miracle12-14 kgs sq.m
American ribbed5.5 kg per plant
Sweet bunch2.5-3.5 kg per bush
Buyan9 kg per bush
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Andromeda12-55 kg per square meter
Lady Shedi7.5 kg per square meter
Banana red3 kg per bush
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter
Rose of Wind7 kg per square meter

Growing recommendations

This type is recommended for planting in open ground, so the southern regions of Russia are suitable for this variety. The Astrakhan region and the North Caucasus are ideal for this. Regions of central Russia are suitable for planting in greenhouse conditions, but the yield may fall. The northern regions are not suitable for this tomato. For the formation of a plant in 1-2 stems, it requires pruning and pinching... Potassium-phosphate mixtures are used as fertilizers, this is very important especially at the stage of bush formation.

Diseases and pests

Despite its good resistance to diseases, this type of tomato can get sick with brown fruit rot. To get rid of this disease, the infected fruits are removed. After that, the amount of nitrogen fertilizers is reduced and watering is reduced. At the end of treatment, use the drug "Hom" and "Oxis".

The most common pest in the open field is the bear. You can get rid of it with the help of deep and thorough weeding of the soil. If you add a spoonful of pepper to the water in a bucket of water, it will prevent the invasion of slugs.

The “Miracle of the Market” tomato will delight you with its results and you can prepare a lot of delicious tomatoes for the winter. Good luck growing this delicious variety on your backyard!

In the table below you will find useful links about tomato varieties with different ripening times:

Mid lateMid-earlySuper early
Volgogradskiy 5 95Pink Bush F1Labrador
Krasnobay F1FlamingoLeopold
Honey fireworksThe mystery of natureShchelkovsky early
De Barao RedNew KonigsbergPresident 2
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De Barao BlackOpenworkLocomotive
Market miracleChio chio sanSanka

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