Execute, no mercy! "Executioner" remedy for cockroaches with instructions

Execute, no mercy!

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Cockroaches (red Prussians and black kitchens) are quite frequent guests in apartments and private houses. These insects bring a lot of trouble with them. : spoil things and furniture with their waste, carry various kinds of infectious bacteria.

Often the reasons for the appearance of these restless tenants are mud and neglect of the premises (and not only your own, insects can crawl from not very clean neighbors).

Especially pleasing with the cockroach brethren utensils unwashed for weeks with food leftovers, and faulty, constantly leaking pipes in the kitchen or bathroom (insects do not tolerate drought). Keeping these pests out is not easy.

To begin with, it is worth blocking all possible paths to food and moisture for cockroaches: fix plumbing problems, keep the kitchen clean, store food in closed containers, clean regularly... Only after that you can start choosing a disinsection product that will save you from annoying tenants and prevent their further appearance.

In the fight, a good assistant, the time-tested Executioner from cockroaches.

Insecticide for cockroaches "Executioner"

Today the chemical industry offers a huge selection of insecticides: gels, aerosols, powders, emulsions... Each tool has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose a drug based on the feedback from people who have already used it.

Household insecticide is especially popular among consumers. "Executioner"effective weapon in the fight against cockroaches, bugs, flies and other parasitic animals.

Description of the drug

"Executioner" Is the development of German chemists. In 2013, the drug began to be produced in Russia. The product is produced in the form of a yellowish liquid... The Russian counterpart is packed in transparent bottles with a volume of 5 ml. The German drug is packaged in a container of a similar type with a volume of 100 ml... The product belongs to a low level of toxicity (3rd class) and is considered safe enough for animals and humans. There is no pungent smell.

Dilute the drug in water at the rate of:

  • Russianone bottle of 500 ml. water (water temperature does not matter);
  • Germanone bottle for 5 liters of water.

Average price in Russia:

  • German900 rubles per unit of production;
  • RussianRUB 70 for one bottle.

Processing is carried out using a spray bottle. For this purpose a container of used detergent for cleaning windows or kitchen surfaces is suitable.

The active ingredient of the insecticide is a poisonous substance. "Fenthion"... In addition to it, the composition includes: perfume, thickeners, antioxidants.

Act "Executioner" happens as follows: vapors of "fenthion" enter the body of harmful insects when inhaled and paralyze them... Death occurs after a certain number of hours. The addiction of parasites to this disinfestation agent has not been identified, therefore, spraying the premises can be repeated if necessary.

REFERENCE! Insecticidal preparation "Executioner" destroys not only adult cockroaches, but also their larvae and egg clutches.

Approximate consumption: one vial for 5-6 square meters... For processing a two-room apartment will need from 10 to 20 bottles.

The product does not stain fabric upholstery and furniture.

IMPORTANT! Due to the high efficiency and expensive price, there are many fakes on the market. "Executioner"... Be careful: the counterfeit product contains cypermethrin as an active ingredientrather than "fenthion".

Executioner from cockroaches: instructions for use

IMPORTANT! It is better to carry out disinsection of your own living quarters together with neighbors (living on the upper, lower floors and on the same staircase). This will guarantee 100% cockroach control.

Preparing the apartment for pest control.

To get the maximum result and not to repeat spraying several times, you need to do the following:

  • carry out wet cleaning, disassemble the cluttered corners, throw away the trash;
  • remove bulk products (flour, sugar, cereals, salt) in a closed place, a refrigerator is best for these purposes;
  • bed linen, soft toys, clothes to be taken out of the cabinets (it is advisable to spray them, since the egg-laying can also be in the folds of the fabric);
  • move furniture away from the walls, separate skirting boards from the floor;
  • remove carpets, paintings;
  • close all windows tightly;
  • in the kitchen, push the refrigerator to the center (there may also be a cluster of cockroaches behind it);
  • it is better to take animals, children, other family members out of the apartment during the disinfestation (together with the aquarium, if any).

After all these actions, you need to put on old unnecessary clothes (so that you can just throw it away), cover your face with goggles and a respirator. Put rubber gloves on your hands, dilute the drug and start processing. Particular attention should be paid to cracks in the floor and furniture, sockets, cabinet shelves, door frames.

After disinsection, you must leave the room for several hours (8-10)... On your return, ventilate the rooms and start eliminating the consequences.

Positive and negative sides


  • this insecticide is highly effective, re-treatment is extremely rare;
  • destroys not only adult cockroaches, but also its numerous offspring (larvae, eggs);
  • low toxicity, not dangerous to humans;
  • does not leave marks and stains;
  • does not have a pungent disgusting smell;
  • disappears quickly;
  • commercially available, easy to buy.


  • high price. Processing an average 50-meter apartment costs around 1000 rubles, sometimes more;

As you can see, there are significantly more pluses in The Executioner than minuses. And, judging by the reviews of grateful customers on the official website of the supplier, this drug is worth the money spent on it.

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In conclusion, we bring to your attention a video about the Executioner cockroach remedy:

Watch the video: Word Smart II Part 1 (July 2022).


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