Diet of cockroaches: what they eat, what kind of mouth apparatus they have and what dangers they pose to humans

Diet of cockroaches: what they eat, what kind of mouth apparatus they have and what dangers they pose to humans

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Today, very often cockroaches start in our homes, what these parasites feed on, why they appear and how to deal with them - this is the range of questions that we will find out today.

In the course of evolution, cockroaches have turned into omnivorous insects: they are able to eat almost any food, so close proximity to humans is very convenient for them.

A special oral apparatus helps them to adapt to any quality of food in new living conditions. Let's find out what cockroaches eat in the apartment?

What is the mouth apparatus of cockroaches?

Food chopper includes modified upper and lower lip, a pair of strong upper and lower jaws with palps.

Before anything edible enters the insect's digestive tract, it is tested for suitability using 2 pairs of olfactory palps attached to the branches of the lower jaw and lip.

The nutrient substrate is clamped between the insect's protruding lips from above and below, falling into a hollow. For secure fixation of a piece of food, there is pair of crescent mandibles.

Chewing a food lump is carried out using maxill - upper jaw, having several sawtooth notches that carry the function of the teeth. In parallel with grinding in the oral cavity, the edible lump is moistened with saliva, rich in digestive juices.

The oral apparatus, adapted to the breakdown of coarse food particles by strong chewing organs, is called gnawing... This is the type of mouth apparatus in a cockroach. It opens up the opportunity for the mustachioed to include in his diet almost everything that occurs on the path of the insect.

Interesting! The insect's jaws are covered with a dense substance - chitin, giving the insect's mouth apparatus great strength. The complex structure is set in motion by the chewing muscles.


The Prussians are unpretentious about the nutritional value and taste of food: they are able to eat and process any organic substrate.

What do cockroaches eat in an apartment? Into their daily menu with success includes the following products:

  • bakery products;
  • pasta, confectionery;
  • vegetables fruits;
  • meat and sausages, cheese;
  • seasonings;
  • jam, sweet drinks;
  • human cooked meals, food leftovers, crumbs.

The main requirement for food is its availability, so often their diet consists of food residues that have fallen to the floor, and then left after poor-quality cleaning of the room, expired and affected by mold fungi.

Aroma enhancers and sugar accelerate the finding of food using the olfactory receptors of cockroaches, shaping their taste preferences. In the absence of access to human food, insects do not disdain:

  • newspaper, book glue, paper;
  • cloth of clothing or book bindings;
  • leather goods;
  • paste with starch;
  • wallpaper.

As you can see, the variety of types of food in cockroaches is very wide.

Interesting! The male is able to eat about 25 grams of food per day, the female - up to 50.

How long do cockroaches live without food?

The ability of insects to go without food for a long time is due not only to the low sensitivity of hunger receptors, but also to slow metabolism, low energy consumption for the processes of thermoregulation, respiration, and oxidation.

Red-haired apartment dwellers withstand 40-45 days hunger strikes, and black cockroaches - up to 75.

Dangerous roommates

We must not forget that the mustachioed are able to bring from places of unsanitary conditions to the apartment and deliver them to pieces of food. pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa, parasite eggs... Neighborhood with these insects is dangerous for helminthiases, intestinal infections, allergies, bronchial asthma. There are also known cases of human bites by cockroaches.

Therefore, at the first signs of an invasion of these insects, measures should be taken to combat them. Measures must be taken very quickly, as the baleen reproduce even faster. Fortunately, now there are many effective anti-cockroach remedies on the market.

Well proven:

  • powders: FAS and Clean House;
  • gels: Dohlox, Global, Forsyth, Combat;
  • aerosols: Raid and Raptor.

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