On the way to the Red Book: where do cockroaches go from apartments in big cities? 10 probable reasons why these insects disappeared

On the way to the Red Book: where do cockroaches go from apartments in big cities? 10 probable reasons why these insects disappeared

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The old and not very pleasant companions of man in everyday life - red cockroaches - are now practically absent in apartments.

The great exodus of baleen from big cities is confirmed by the dry statistics of the sanitary services: less than 10% of applicants ask to get rid of cockroaches, and the vast majority, over 70%, want to remove bedbugs.

On the one hand, the self-destruction of rows of six-legged Prusaks, carriers of infections and allergens, is a joyful phenomenon. At the same time, it is alarming for its suddenness. Therefore, let's try to find out where the cockroaches from the apartments have gone?

Why did the ancient insects that arose 350 million years ago, which survived, unlike dinosaurs, all natural disasters, especially resistant to chemicals and traps, perfectly adapted to warm human habitation, in which there is always food, disappeared so quickly?

An exhaustive answer has not been found so far. There are, however, a number of assumptions.

Human factor

Super effective insect control agents. Perhaps the creators of insecticides have finally found a specific weak point in cockroach biochemistry. The first candidates for the role of such a superweapon are "Slow" poisons fipronil and hydromethylnone, which the poisoned individual brings to the nest on itself.

After a certain time, a lethal dose of toxin accumulates in the insect community and it dies out without exception. Nevertheless, it remains unclear why red cockroaches disappear where they have never been treated with these poisons.

Electromagnetic waves.

Indeed, the urban environment is oversaturated with a variety of electromagnetic radiation: at standard GSM and GPRS mobile frequencies in the 900 and 1800 MHz ranges, in the range of television channels from 50 to 230 MHz, at a microwave frequency of 2450 MHz, in the computer range of 20 Hz-1000 MHz.

It would seem like a very apt explanation of where the cockroaches go. There were even coincidences in time and place, when after the installation, for example, of masts of mobile communication repeaters, insects disappeared from the surrounding houses.

However, none laboratory test did not confirmthat electromagnetic radiation is somehow harmful to cockroaches.

GMOs and preservatives in food... For centuries, the Prussians ate crumbs from the human table - and unfortunately, potentially dangerous, but widely used substances appeared on this menu. The list is headed by: modified starch, pyrophosphates (preservatives and leavening agents), modified soy.

Laboratory findings are mixed. There is information that pyrophosphates can reduce the ability to reproduction, and the consumption of GMO products can change hereditary traits. Nevertheless, such reasons are clearly not enough for the massive one-time death of perfectly adapted insects.

Radiation or chemical background of cities... Maybe this is the real reason why cockroaches disappeared in apartments? The ecological situation in large industrial centers is far from ideal. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine such pollution of the environment in which people could live, but mustachioed neighbors not.

Insects' tolerance to chemical and radiation effects is much higher than that of mammals. The red mustachioed six-legged, in particular, are excellent candidates for colonizing the planet after a nuclear war.

REFERENCE! Why will cockroaches survive a nuclear bomb? The lethal dose of radiation for them is 20 times higher than the human dose.

Infrasonic and acoustic exposure... The supporters of this theory see the reason for the disappearance in the low-frequency oscillations accompanying technological processes in industrial enterprises and even in the bell ringing of many built and restored temples.

Infrasound, of course, is unpleasant for many living beings, and the alarm has long been a means against evil spirits.

It is only unclear why exactly red cockroaches are selectively affected.

Synthetic materials in everyday life... Popular and massive renovation - these are, most often, plastic coatings and facings, synthetic wallpaper, linoleum and chemically impregnated carpet. Such "tasteless" filling of the premises could well have been disliked by insects - but they disappeared in those apartments where no repairs were made.

Sanitation... In fact, the elimination of garbage chutes, sealed and durable plastic packaging for food, plastic bags for storing food waste have seriously cut the nutritional base of the cockroach. In addition, household food supplies have become much smaller.

However, it is not so easy to starve cockroaches to death - they can go without food for 40 days and to digest, thanks to the bacterial microflora of the intestine, completely inedible paper.

Biological reasons

Perhaps it is biological factors that are to blame for why the cockroaches disappeared from the apartments?

There is an assumption that the red cockroach could not compete with pharaoh ants, which willingly settle in a warm and nourishing human habitation. After all, in the same way, at one time, red-headed Prussians survived black cockroaches in a severe biological war of insects.

However, no one has yet observed the simultaneous existence of cockroaches and ants indoors or the settlement of ants on cockroach territories. Always first, red cockroaches disappear and only then, after a noticeable time, the vacant ecological niche can be occupied by yellow pharaoh ants.

Global changes

The reasons for the mass disappearance of cockroaches are also called:

  • Ozone depletion, climate change, magnetic pole displacement... As a result, the leading biorhythms of cockroaches go astray. It is unclear, in this case, why the same fate does not comprehend the entire terrestrial biosphere.
  • The supernatural sense of these insects on impending cataclysms and disasters: economic crisis, major wars, large-scale disasters. At the same time, the "great exodus" of cockroaches is already 8-10 years old, and the end of the world has not come.

Apparently, none of the above theories alone explains the apparent absence of cockroaches in large cities. Perhaps several factors work together, or perhaps these geniuses of adaptation, survival and endurance have not disappeared anywhere.

What if ginger cockroaches simply migrated to more suitable locations? Maybe you should ask not why, but where did the cockroaches disappear from the apartments? Basements, manholes, old high-rise buildings, dorms and prisons?

Quietly and unhurriedly, generation after generation, they mutate, adapt and one fine day, strengthened, hardened and persistent, will return as massively as they left. Will the townspeople be delighted with them?

Interesting Facts! Did you know that there are over 5,000 species of cockroaches? There are green individuals and even flying ones, but white albinos do not exist. These insects can enter the ear or nose and even bite a person.

If you did not feel that the Prussians left you, then we give a list of effective drugs against them:

  • powders: FAS and Clean House;
  • crayons: Masha;
  • gels: Dohlox, Global, Forsyth;
  • aerosols: Combat, Raid and Raptor.

Watch a short video about the reasons for the disappearance of cockroaches:

Watch the video: Spider talk with Lizzy Lowe (July 2022).


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