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Bonsai ficus ginseng loses leaves

Bonsai ficus ginseng loses leaves

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Question: bonsai ficus ginseng loses leaves

Hi, my ginseng bonsai (which for the summer has been left out enjoying good health) has been losing many leaves since I brought it home: they become yellow and brown first, then they dry up and fall! Is it a problem of adapting to the new environment or a mistake in watering? It is near a glass door and I water it every 4-5 days, making sure the ground is dry before proceeding!

Answer: bonsai ficus ginseng loses leaves

Dear Dory,
plants that love wet environments often find themselves badly in the apartment, because the air is too dry. In fact, many actors in the home contribute to drying the air, such as heating or air conditioning. To avoid that plants suffer at home it is advisable, in addition to watering them correctly as you do, frequently spray the leaves with demineralized water. If the climate is very dry, you can also think of putting a humidifier in the plants.


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