What bed bugs look like: photos, what furniture they live in, how long they live, how to get rid of yourself

What bed bugs look like: photos, what furniture they live in, how long they live, how to get rid of yourself

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Having found bites on their bodies in the morning, many write them off for the presence of mosquitoes and do not at all suspect that bed bugs are in the room.

More obvious traces of their presence can be observed only after an increase in their number, when bloody spots and the remains of their vital activity appear on the bed.

Even the cleanest house is not a guarantee that any of the species of bedbugs will not find their refuge in it. What are these parasites, where do they come from, how to recognize their presence and what measures are there to combat them.

Therefore, the topic of our article today is bed bugs or home bugs: photos of how to get rid of at home.

What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs (cimex lectularius) are wingless parasitic insects with an oval flattened body and up to 8 mm... The color of a hungry parasite can be dirty yellow or dark brown... After the linen bug is saturated with blood, the color changes to a scarlet or black tone, and the body itself becomes more rounded and inactive.

Bite marks on the human body are clearly visible and resemble tracks - several punctures are practically on the same line. Quite often, child bites can cause an allergic reaction. Read more about the other dangerous bugs in our respective articles.

Larvae outwardly resemble adults, but with smaller size and lighter color, and recently hatched, generally transparent.

It is possible to notice them without difficulty only after the parasite is saturated with blood. Then, in his transparent body, the stomach with a drop of drunk blood is clearly visible.

The eggs laid by the parasites resemble reduced grains of rice. Elongated shape, white color and 1 mm long.

Having glands with a special substance (secret), theysmells specifically when crushed... The people call this unpleasant smell - the smell of a bug.

Difference from other parasites living in the house:

  • The bug, unlike the cockroach, does not have branches in the back in the form of antennae and wings. Its body is rounder and smaller.
  • To distinguish a bug from a tick, you will need to count its legs. The mite is an arachnid parasite and has 8 limbs, but the bug is 6.
  • It is harder to confuse a bug with an ant, but their larvae are very similar. The eggs of the former are wider and shorter.
  • Optimum temperature for the good life of the parasite is +15 - + 30 ° C... It is these indicators that are most often present in a person's bedroom.

REFERENCE! At low temperatures down to -15 ° C, the parasite does not die, but only goes into hibernation. As soon as the conditions for survival improve, he departs from this state and safely continues his life activity.

A photo

What do home bed bugs look like? Photo below:

In the photo there are furniture bugs:

Reproduction and life expectancy

From the general period of the insect's life, a month goes to the larval phase. During this period, he is not able to reproduce. The rest of the time, females lay eggs, and males actively work as inseminators. One female lays off during her life cycle up to 500 eggs, 4–5 pcs. for a day... The larva is hatched on the 5th day, and in a month it is already an adult parasite capable of producing offspring.

How long does a bed bug live? Lifetime room bug on average is about a year... If the parasite lives in rooms with low temperatures, its viability lasts up to 14 months. In rooms where the temperature is about 30 ° C, the life cycle is reduced to 10 months, but then the number of eggs is increased.

But speaking of life expectancy, do not forget about the ability of the parasite to survive in adverse conditions, when the temperature is not suitable or there is no food source.

The parasite feeds on every 5-10 days at night and for one saturation he drinks up to 7 mg of blood, which is twice his weight.

But if the owners left the apartment for a long time or took the furniture out into the street, the parasite will safely fall into suspended animation and in this state may be hungry for up to a year... The chances of survival increase when a hunger strike is accompanied by a cold air temperature.

In the fight against parasites, many take out bed mattresses to the balcony in 10 ° C frost - it won't help... Having thawed from temporary rigor mortis, they pounce on food with even greater appetite.

How to determine the presence of bedbugs in the room?

Due to the fact that the activity of these insects manifests itself at night, it is possible to find out about their existence only when the number increases significantly. But certain signs can still alert the residents of the house. These include:

  • Bites appear on the body... They can be large or almost invisible (depending on the reaction of the human body). The bed bug especially loves to bite women and children. Their skin is softer and easier to bite through. There will be several bites on the body themselves, due to the fact that the parasite, crawling over the body, is looking for a more convenient place to suck blood.
  • Bed linen has red or brown spots... These spots appear from crushed bedbugs that have fallen under a person after they have already sucked blood. The body of a hungry bug is flat, which facilitates its movement, but after the parasite has eaten, it can easily burst under the weight of a person.
  • On the bed, in the folds of upholstered sofas and in blankets, you can find the remains of bug skins and eggsthat remained after molting. By the way, sofa bugs do not exist as a separate species. They were so named from their habitat in the sofa - these are ordinary bloodsuckers, their photos are given above.

REFERENCE! You can check whether there are really bugs in the room or not thanks to a simple method. It will be enough to turn on the light in the room in the middle of the night and examine the bed. Having found pests, you must immediately begin to fight them.

Fight against parasites

When the presence of parasites in the apartment was detected immediately, they did not have time to multiply, you can use special preparations to treat their habitats. Preparations such as Actellic or Karbofos are sold in seed stores. You can also use aerosols and sprays "Combat", "Clean House", "Raptor", "Dichlorvos" or "Reid". But no matter what drug is chosen, you need to adhere to certain rules in its use, namely:

  • strictly adhere to the instructions and during the processing of the premises use rubber gloves and a gauze bandage(even if this is a simple and familiar to everyone Masha's chalk);
  • liquid preparations are sprayed using atomizers - these are Tetrix, Get, Tsifox, Forsyth, Fufanon, Executioner, Cucaracha and others;
  • places where bed bugs accumulate are especially carefully processed: sofas, beds, blankets, pillows, wardrobes with clothes, carpets, various cracks, baseboards, etc.;
  • after processing the premises, doors and windows close tightly for several hours;
  • After processing, clothes are washed in high temperature water and then ironed.

Having processed the room, you cannot immediately start cleaning it. Bed bugs are tenacious parasites and for a good result you need to wait several hours for exposure to an insecticidal agent.

In the winter season, frost can help in the fight against the parasite. At a temperature of -15 ° C, the bug dies, it will be enough to take out clothes, toys, books on the balcony. The method of disinfection with hot or cold mist is based on the principle of exposure of insects to temperatures.

When bed bugs were discovered late, their number increased significantly, it makes no sense to fight them on your own, using, for example, vinegar, repellents or traps. The best solution in this case would be to seek help from a special company for the destruction of parasites or the sanitary and epidemiological station.

Summarize. We found out what a bed bug looks like, photos are attached, how long it lives without food, how to effectively deal with bed bugs.

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