Does vinegar help against bedbugs? How to remove parasites and can it be done? Folk remedies recipes

Does vinegar help against bedbugs? How to remove parasites and can it be done? Folk remedies recipes

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As you know, domestic bugs are very harmful and dangerous to humans, so they must be dealt with.

Vinegar is one of the most readily available bed bugs, as it is available in almost every home and has a low price tag.

Today we are examining the question: does vinegar help with bedbugs? Consider the main folk recipes based on it. We will tell you how to remove bedbugs with vinegar and is it possible?

Can bedbugs be killed with vinegar?

Vinegar has been used as a way to combat bedbugs for a long time, so it can be called one of the ancient folk remedies.

IMPORTANT! Vinegar does not kill bed bugs, but only scares them away with the help of its smell. However, if you use it correctly, then you can forget about bloodsuckers for up to six months.

In terms of effectiveness, it is significantly inferior to modern insecticidal preparations, but it is advisable to use it in the following cases:

  • When there are small children or pets in the house.
  • When a family member is allergic. By the way, there are products that are safe for people and animals.
  • When the family does not have the opportunity to leave their home during the disinfection process.

By reacting to the smell of acetic acid, theypromptly leave the territorytreated with vinegar and do not return there until the fragrance has completely disappeared. The effectiveness of this procedure depends on the concentration and amount of the vinegar solution.

ATTENTION! A solution with a concentration of no more than 9% is safe for humans. Otherwise possible poisoning with vinegar vapor.

Bloodsuckers can die from this folk remedy only if they find themselves in a jar of acetic acid. The essence eats away at the tissues of the body and they die.

Use in conjunction with other substances

To enhance the effects of vinegar, you can mix it with other substances... Thus, you will get a more poisonous mixture that can rid you of parasites completely.

If a mix vinegar with mothballs and 90% alcohol, you will receive a solution that can kill the bug if it gets on its body. However, the evaporation of such a liquid does not give any result and does not interfere with the bugs to lead an active life at night.

Walls, skirting boards and furniture can be treat with an vinegar-turpentine mixtureby spraying it with a spray bottle. Getting into such a solution leads to the death of pests in twelve seconds.

ATTENTION! As a result of using a mixture of vinegar and turpentine, the smell will remain in the room for a long time, can cause headache, shortness of breath and asthma attack.

Shows quite good efficiency a combination of vinegar with a decoction of wormwood... This mixture must be used to treat the legs and body of the bed, ventilation ducts, windows and door frames.

Preparing the premises before processing

Before you start treating the room with vinegar against bedbugs, you must do a general cleaning... Disassemble all beds and wash bedding at high temperatures.

Dry-clean the pillows, and put the mattresses out in the cold or steam them. Both high and low temperatures have a detrimental effect on bedbugs.

Move all furniture away from the wallsto free up access to the skirting boards. Do not forget to carefully examine all the furniture for the existence of an insect colony in it.

Remove books from the shelves and move small children and pets out of the apartment. Remove all decorative elements from the walls and treat them with vinegar solution from the inside.

How to poison bedbugs with vinegar? The room should be treated with a spray gun or brush. Watering should be abundant. Particular attention should be paid to the places where bed bugs were found by you.

When you are done processing, do not forget to ventilate the room... After a few hours, carry out a wet cleaning.

REFERENCE! Do you know what bedbug bites look like in adults and children? They can harm the body, so they must be treated.

Vinegar has the following benefits:

  • Availabilityas it can be bought at any store.
  • Low price, which is significantly different from the cost of insecticides.
  • Security, since vinegar does not provoke allergies and does not have a toxic effect on the human body when used in the amount necessary to get rid of bed bugs.

The disadvantages of vinegar include:

  • Strong smellthat will remain in your home for a long time.
  • Low efficiency, since after processing the room with this agent, the bugs can return to you very soon, and vinegar does not act on the eggs of these insects at all.

Vinegar can be used as a temporary or preventative measure. And in order to get rid of bedbugs completely, it is necessary to call specialists from the pest control service.

If calling specialists is expensive for you, then here is a list of effective means for self-treatment of premises: aerosols Clean House, Raid, Raptor, Combat, if the infection is already too strong, then Geth, Executioner or Karbofos will help you.

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