Consider remedies for bed bugs: which are the most effective, application features, their pros and cons

Consider remedies for bed bugs: which are the most effective, application features, their pros and cons

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Bed bugs are one of the most annoying parasites in your home. They do not tolerate dangerous infections, like some other insects, but their bites and their mere presence in the room causes no less negative emotions.

They start spontaneously. Their bites are not immediately noticeable, and the nests are located in the most secluded corners of the house. Insect control should be approached with special care and caution. Drugs to combat them are often toxic and not always effective.

Today we will talk about remedies for bedbugs: bed, linen, those that live in clothes. We will tell you how bed bugs are taken out on their own, and what tools can only be used by professionals.

Remedies for bed bugs

Bedbugs resistant to many chemicals... Many insecticides kill only adults and are powerless in relation to their eggs.

Today, on supermarket shelves and online stores, you can buy:

Microencapsulated drugs... The powerful chemical is enclosed in microcapsules that remain on surfaces for a long time and are carried on the parasite's feet. Such means include Get, Delta Zone. They have a nerve effect. Suitable for home use... Refers to odorless bed bug remedies.

Aerosols and sprays... The latter are sold in cans and are already ready for use. Some are supplemented with a special nozzle that allows you to spray the chemical into the narrowest crevices.

These include the well-known universal drugs Raptor, Reid, Combat, Clean House. All of them cost-effective and cost-effective.

The only drawback is that the active substances dissipate quickly and require re-processing. Effective only for small infestations or for prevention.

Powders... Despite the fact that it will not be possible to mix poison with bloodsuckers in food, powders can be no less effective. The most popular has become pyrethrum... It is a natural preparation that is suitable for children in the home. He non-toxic and non-allergenic... Feverfew is found in chamomile.

Since ancient times, people have dried and rubbed flowers to get a remedy for bedbugs. The folk recipe formed the basis for the creation of a modern drug. It can be diluted and sprayed with a spray bottle or sprinkled on the surface in a thin layer.

Crayons... The well-known remedy is inexpensive, but it does not differ in effectiveness either. It is more often used for preventive purposes. Means convenient in that it does not require eviction of tenants from the house... The most popular remedy in this category is Mashenka's chalk.

Concentrates... More often applied by professionals... They are the most toxic because the density of the active substances is too high. Tetrix, Fufanon is pre-diluted and sprayed using a fog generator or sprayer.

At home, their should be used with caution... Karbofos is known to gardeners who often choose it for pest control.

Concentrates are distinguished not only by toxicity, but also by a pungent odor. They require careful preparation of the premises for processing.

You can also use the physical method in the form of a vacuum cleaner or a regular house slipper. But we immediately warn you that with a strong infection, it will not be possible to destroy the parasites in this way. Parasites do not run around the apartment during the day, they are too small and invisible. And the flat body structure protects them from crushing.

They most often settle next to the sleeping place or directly in it. The sofa is the most suitable breeding ground for parasites.

For this, domestic bugs are often nicknamed sofa. How to treat a sofa from bedbugs? You can take them out of the bed or upholstered furniture by the same means as from other corners of the dwelling.

The sofa must be laid out and the joints of the structure are carefully processed.

Folk remedies

What are bed bugs afraid of? Knowing the fears of insects, you can use a number of folk remedies in the fight against it. Blood-sucking parasites are known to do not tolerate pungent odors... They have a great sense of smell. They can be said to literally see by smell. This is how parasites feel the blood vessels when they make a puncture in the skin of a person.

Our ancestors have long used the keen scent of parasites against themselves. To know, before going to bed, she applied scented oils to the body so that the bugs did not bite.

Remedies for bed bugs at home:

  • Too low or high temperatures... Temperatures in the range from 10 ° C to 20 ° C and from 30 ° C to 35 ° C are already uncomfortable. They do not kill parasites, but they do not allow them to multiply.
  • Bright light... It is not for nothing that bedbugs bite at night. Insects are afraid of the light and try to escape to a secluded corner.
  • Scents of some field plants... The grass wormwood and tansy are the main enemies of bedbugs. They make bouquets, prepare tinctures and spray. But this is a temporary remedy. Nothing can stop hungry bedbugs.
  • Perfumery... The more pungent the smell of perfume, the more unpleasant it is for bedbugs.
  • Chemicals... All chemicals that have a pungent smell repel bugs, but do not kill them. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully whether you are ready to "redeem" the apartment in vinegar, acetone, kerosene, in order to just scare, but not remove the parasites.

If we started talking about what to be afraid of bedbugs, it is worth noting that they are not at all afraid. Doesn't make sense to use ultrasonic scarers.

They do not act on parasites. And they can only become a nesting place if you turn on the device next to the bed.

The most effective remedies for bedbugs are specialized drugs. Some of them can be used at home, observing safety measures. Popular folk remedies can only scare away insects for a while. In case of severe infection, it is recommended to seek professional help. And what to poison bed bugs to choose for you.

So, we have considered several ways to rid your home of annoying parasites. We raised such questions: how to get bedbugs out of the sofa yourself, what chemicals are the most effective, what bedbugs do not like?

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