Review of aerosols and sprays from cockroaches: dichlorvos, battalion commander, executioner and others, application features, pros and cons

Review of aerosols and sprays from cockroaches: dichlorvos, battalion commander, executioner and others, application features, pros and cons

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Aerosols belong to the category of the fastest-acting agents, insects die almost immediately after application.

Sprays are recommended for use when it is necessary to quickly destroy all pests.

The action of chemicals can last from 1-2 days to several weeks, much depends on the brand of the substance, conditions of use, etc.


Very often, different manufacturing companies use the same insecticide, causing insects to be exposed to the same chemical over time. In order to avoid adaptation, it is recommended to use drugs with different compositions.

It often happens that cockroaches that have moved from neighbors are already immune to one or more insecticides.

The use of any drug may be useless, in this case it is recommended to use chemicals with different compositions.

Popular brands of cockroach sprays: Dichlorvos, Executioner, Regent, Karbofos, FAS, Get, Cucaracha.

Aerosols from cockroaches: Mashenka, Combat, Raid, Clean House, Raptor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sprays and aerosols have advantages and disadvantages like all chemicals.


  • ease of use - due to its finely dispersed application, the product can penetrate into the most inaccessible places (cracks, skirting boards, etc.) without touching wallpaper, furniture, electrical appliances;
  • profitability - a 300-600 ml bottle is enough for 80 square meters;
  • high processing speed premises (15-20 minutes);
  • impact rate - cockroaches die almost immediately;
  • easy removal of the product from surfaces;
  • more affordable cost.


  • opportunity penetration of part of the vapors, even if the treatment was carried out in a respirator;
  • decrease in efficiency after a few days;
  • bad smell (although there are already odorless cockroach sprays), oily stains may appear on the wallpaper from some aerosols;
  • no effect on insect eggs, which complicates the possibility of affecting the entire population.

Application rules

When using sprays, it is important to consider that chemicals have the greatest effect on pests through direct contact.

To destroy the maximum possible number of individuals, all rooms must be processed, special attention should be paid to the places through which pests enter the apartment - ventilation ducts, baseboards, etc.

Each aerosol has instructions for use, which must be read carefully.

Before spraying the spray, it is recommended to carry out a thorough cleaning, special attention should be paid to the kitchen, the space under the sink, behind the refrigerator.

For most chemicals, the following guidelines will also work:

  • Spray can it is recommended to spray with closed windows at a distance of 25-40 cm from the surface in the habitat and movement of insects. You can ventilate the room only an hour after the end of the procedure.
  • Spraying should be done at a temperature of ten degrees.
  • Required condition - gloves and protective respirator, with their help, exposure to chemicals can be minimized.
  • To improve the effectiveness of the product must be sprayed in the bathroom, near the sink, sewer and water pipes, near the baseboards.
  • From the processed room it is recommended to take out all the dishes and plants, the aquarium should be covered with a lid.

After processing, it is necessary to prepare for the consequences, at the same time dozens of cockroaches can crawl out into the kitchen, which will slowly die.

Aerosols remain one of the most affordable and effective means; they are used in premises for various purposes.

Cockroaches can quickly get used to them, so when choosing a product, it is recommended to read the composition.

The disadvantages also include the high toxicity of the funds, an unpleasant odor.

A prerequisite is the use of protective equipment when spraying.

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