The high-yielding potato variety "Dolphin" will delight you with a large number of selected tubers

The high-yielding potato variety

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Delfine potatoes continue the line of German varieties Bernadette, Estrella, Desiree.

He is a genetic relative of the famous "Alvara" - a variety that has conquered the world market in record time. The characteristics of the Dolphin potato variety are practically not inferior to her in terms of economic and taste qualities.

Read more about this later in the article.

A little about the origin

The originator and patentee of the variety is the German breeding company Saatzucht Fritz Lange.

"Dolphin" is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and recommended for cultivation in the North-West region... Passed registration in the State Registers of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Saatzucht Fritz Lange is a family company that has been breeding new varieties of potatoes for over 80 years, with a focus on ultra-early and early varieties, varieties for industrial processing.

Owning production facilities for breeding work in European countries and Canada, the company conducts thorough testing of the resulting breeding product.

After numerous tests on our own fields seed material is grown, which is supplied to potato producers in various countries of Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, a number of Asian countries (Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, India, Kazakhstan, etc.), the USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Panama.

Dolphin potatoes: variety description and photo

Variety nameDolphin
general characteristicstable mid-season high-yielding potato variety
Ripening period80-100 days
Starch content13-15,7%
Mass of marketable tubers100-115 g
The number of tubers in the bush14-18
Yield228-374 c / ha
Consumer qualitiesexcellent taste, does not darken during heat treatment
Keeping quality92-95%
Peel colorred
Pulp colorcreamy yellow
Preferred growing regionsrecommended for cultivation in the North-West region
Disease resistanceexcellent results in resistance to Y-virus, potato crayfish, nematode Ro 1
Growing featuresstandard agricultural technique, the variety prefers light soils
OriginatorSaatzucht Fritz Lange

Refers to mid-season varieties. Marketable harvest is harvested 80-100 days after planting... The wilting of the foliage begins on day 115-125.

Appearance features:

  • The bush is tall, semi-erect or erect. Stems are slightly branching at the base, leafy along the entire length.
  • Leaves are simple, medium-large, rich dull green, with a slight waviness of the edge.
  • The flowers are red-violet. The corolla is medium.
  • Stem, inner side of the corolla, midrib of the leaf with a pronounced anti-ionic coloration.
  • The tuber is smooth, oblong-oval to long.
  • The mass of the economic fruit is 100-115 g. The return of marketable tubers from the harvested crop is 93%. Exit 14-18 tubers from the bush.
  • The peel is smooth, red, thin.
  • Shallow eyes lie at a depth of 1.1-1.3 mm. The light sprout has a conical shape, red-violet, pubescent.

Light creamy yellow flesh, dense, not mealy. Type A digestibility - weakly boiled, the pulp does not darken during heat treatment. The purpose is universal - table, salad, for the preparation of crisp potatoes, chips, French fries on an industrial scale. Excellent taste.

The content of dry matter is 18.0, starch 13.0-15.7%, protein 1.8%, vitamin C 20.0%, reducing sugars 0.24%.

The taste of potatoes largely depends on the amount of starch in its tubers. In the table below you can see what this indicator is for different varieties:

Variety nameStarch content
Cast iron12-15%
Svitanok Kiev18-19%
Purple Haze14-17%

The yield of marketable tubers is 93% of the total yield. Marketability 81-97%. Resistant to mechanical and transport damage. High organoleptic qualities.

The indicators of economic productivity coincide and even exceed the standard for the varieties "Skarb", "Lugovskoy" - 228-374 c / ha. On tests carried out by the Molodechenskaya selection station in 2007-20010, the maximum result was 579 c / ha.

Keeping quality is excellent - 92-95%... By the beginning to mid-June, Delfine potatoes retain their high taste and turgor. Long rest period.

You can compare the yield and keeping quality of the variety with others using the table below:

Variety nameProductivity (kg / ha)Keeping quality (%)
Queen anne390-46092

For a full study of the appearance and characteristics of the Dolphin potato variety, a photo is simply necessary, we offer you several:

Disease resistance

When breeding Dolphin potatoes, excellent durability results in relation to the Y-virus, potato crayfish, nematode Ro 1.

The average indicators of immunity to viruses of leaf curling, tops, banded and wrinkled mosaics, common scab, and rotting of the tops were recorded. Fixed average tolerance to late blight.

As for insect pests, the main threats are Colorado beetles and their larvae, wireworms, bears and potato moths. In the fight against them, a variety of means are used, which you can read about in our articles:

  • How to get rid of a wireworm in your garden.
  • We are fighting the bear with the help of folk methods and chemicals.
  • Getting rid of potato moths: part 1 and part 2.
  • How to defeat the Colorado potato beetle: chemistry and folk remedies.

Advantages and disadvantages

"Dolphin" drought tolerant... Versatile in culinary use. Displayed for sale in large retail chains. The prepackaging preparation goes well - it is washed, sanded. Received high marks for all industrial recyclability standards.

Unlike Dutch varieties not prone to rapid degeneration, high-quality seed material can be obtained up to 7 years from the grown crop.

In prolonged rainy weather, tubers accumulate excess moisture, which shortens the shelf life.

Growing conditions

Seed material is calibrated. Intact varietal tubers weighing 35-85 g are selected. Optimal planting pattern 60 (70) x35 cm... The depth of the planting of the tuber is 8-10 cm. The tubers grown independently for planting are pickled, treated with growth stimulants, and vernalized. Sprinkle the hatched seedlings with earth.

Potato variety "Dolphin" prefers light soils... Heavy soils must be pre-sowed. The site should be in a well-lit place, preferably even, with early snow melting.

Poorly tolerates prolonged waterlogging, does not need abundant watering, regular irrigation. Traditional agrotechnical measures are carried out: weeding, loosening, hilling, mulching, fertilization.

Responsive to feeding... When planting, the authors of the variety recommend applying complex organic fertilizers (450 kg / ha) together with additional foliar support with microelements. In garden plots, well-rotted mullein or manure is used.

We bring to your attention detailed materials on mineral fertilizers for potatoes, what is the best way to feed the plantings, when and how to apply fertilizers and which of them are the best, and whether it should be done when planting.

When cultivating varieties on an industrial scale, to prevent rotting of tubers before mowing, the tops are treated with contact fungicidal preparations "Ranman", "Shirlan". The tops are harvested 10-12 days before harvesting.

Dolphin potatoes - an achievement of German breeders, gained popularity among farmers, amateur potato growers, representatives of large agricultural firms... Adaptable to climatic conditions and soils, it has exceptional taste and culinary and economic characteristics.

These videos tell you about the characteristics of Dolphin potatoes:

And finally, I would like to note that there are many interesting ways to grow potatoes. Read on our website about modern Dutch technologies, about technologies for growing early varieties and the peculiarities of this process in Russia. And also about such interesting methods: under straw, in bags, in barrels, in boxes.

We also bring to your attention other varieties of potatoes with different ripening periods:

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