Delicious guest from Holland - tomatoes "Ritchie" f1: description of the variety and cultivation features

Delicious guest from Holland - tomatoes

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To all summer residents living in the central regions of Russia and its more southern parts, we want to recommend an excellent variety that can be grown in greenhouses and open ground until autumn.

This visitor from Holland named "Ritchie", although not a record holder in terms of harvests, will delight you with his taste and quick ripening period.

Richie tomatoes: variety description

Variety nameRichie
general descriptionEarly maturing, determinant tomato variety
Ripening period80-95 days
The formRounded
Average weight of tomatoes90-120 grams
ApplicationVersatile, good for whole fruit canning
Variety yield1-1.5 kg per bush
Growing featuresRequires shaping and tying
Disease resistanceResistant to major tomato diseases

Tomato "Richie" f1, description of the variety: this is a very early ripe tomato, it takes 80-95 days from planting seedlings to the first fruits. Low-growing plant 50-70 cm... The type of bush is standard, determinant. Read about indeterminate varieties in this article. "Richie" is recommended for growing in greenhouses, hotbeds and under the film, but it grows successfully in open ground, some try to grow on the balconies of city apartments. This tomato has a very high degree of protection against fungal diseases. Has eponymous F1 hybrids.

Ripe fruits are red and round. Small tomatoes from 90 to 120 gr... The number of chambers is 2-3, the dry matter content is about 5%. The harvested fruits can be stored for a very long time and tolerate long-distance transportation. For these qualities, they are loved not only by summer residents, but also by farmers.

You can compare the weight of tomatoes of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight (grams)
Russian size650-2000
Grandma's gift180-220
American ribbed300-600
Golden jubilee150-200

Country of origin and regions of cultivation

This hybrid was bred in Holland in 2000. Received state registration as a hybrid variety for film shelters in 2010. "Richie" almost immediately found fans both among amateurs and among farmers.

Growing tomato "Richie" f1 in the south, can be done in unprotected soil, this will not affect the yield and disease incidence of the plant. In the regions of the middle lane, it is better to cover with a film. In more northern regions, it grows well in greenhouses.

A photo


Richie hybrid tomatoes are very suitable for whole-fruit canning. They will perfectly complement any dishes with their taste. They also make a very tasty and healthy juice, for lecho and mashed potatoes are also very good.

Under good greenhouse conditions, this species gives 1-1.5 kg per bush, with a planting density of 7-8 plants per square meter, it turns out up to 10 kg, in open ground the yield is slightly lower. This is a very modest figure.

You can compare Richie's yield with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Richie1-1.5 kg per bush
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush
Polbig4 kg per square meter
Sweet bunch2.5-3.2 kg per square meter
Red bunch10 kg per bush
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Pink Lady25 kg per square meter
Countryman18 kg per bush
Batianya6 kg per bush
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the "Richie" tomato variety include its keeping quality and transportability, they are very high. As well as disease resistance and early maturity. Some amateurs note that it can be grown on the balcony.

The main advantages of the "guest from Holland" include:

  • early maturity;
  • the ability to grow at home;
  • high immunity;
  • good taste.

The disadvantages include not very high yield and capriciousness to external conditions, such as temperature, watering and feeding.

Growing features

Although the bush is not high, it is better to tie it up, and strengthen the branches with props. It is necessary to form in three or four stems, if grown on the balcony, then in two. This variety is quite picky about the watering and lighting regime.

Reacts very well to complex feeding at all stages of growth.

  • Organic, mineral, phosphoric, ready-made, TOP of the best.
  • Yeast, iodine, ash, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid.
  • For seedlings, foliar, when picking.

You should also pay attention to the fact that tomato grows better on neutral soils, on acidic soils it can lose productivity. On our website you will find a series of articles on this topic. Read about what types of soil for tomatoes exist, which soil is more suitable for seedlings, and which soil is more suitable for adult plants in greenhouses, how to make up a soil mixture yourself, how to prepare soil in a greenhouse for spring plantings.

Diseases and pests

Tomato variety "Richie" has earned its popularity due to its resistance to diseases, but this does not mean that you can forget about prevention. To support the plant in a healthy form, it is necessary to observe the regime of watering, fertilize the soil and loosen it in time. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

In very rare cases, it can be affected by root rot. This disease is fought by loosening the soil, reducing watering and mulching. No chemicals are used in this case.

In our articles, you can read in detail about such common diseases of tomatoes in greenhouses as Alternaria, Fusarium, Verticillosis, late blight and measures to combat them. And also how to protect plants from late blight and varieties that do not get sick with it.

When grown outdoors, the most common pest of this type of tomato is the Colorado potato beetle, it can cause irreparable harm to the plant.

The pests are collected by hand, after which the plants are treated with Prestige. Also, this plant can infect aphids and thrips, the drug "Bison" is used against them.

To get a good harvest, growing this species, you have to try, it is more suitable for experienced gardeners, but an early harvest and its taste will be a great reward for all the work, you will succeed. Good luck!

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