Description of the "Sugar Giant" variety resistant to tomato diseases: growing and photo of tomatoes

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All fans of large-fruited tomatoes will be interested in "Sugar Giant". It is a very productive variety. It will delight summer residents not only with the taste of its fruits, but also with unpretentious care.

The "Sugar Giant" tomato is the fruit of the labors of Russian breeders, was bred in 1999, and a year later received state registration as a variety recommended for growing in open ground and in greenhouse shelters.

In our article, we will be happy to acquaint you with this variety better, present its full description and characteristics, and cultivation features.

Tomato "Sugar Giant": variety description

"Sugar giant" is an indeterminate standard tomato variety. In terms of ripening, it belongs to the mid-early species. Suitable for growing on open ground and in greenhouse shelters. Resistant to diseases and pests. The plant is quite tall, 120-150 cm, in the open field it can reach 180 cm. It grows especially in the southern regions.

With good care from one bush, you can get up to 5-6 kg of wonderful fruits... With a recommended planting density of 3 bushes per sq. m can be collected up to 18 kg. This is a very good indicator for tomatoes, even for those large. Among the features, the most noteworthy is the size and taste of the fruit. It should also be emphasized in the description of the "Sugar Giant" tomato variety that it is unpretentious and resistant to diseases.

You can compare the yield of Altai with other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Sugar giant18 kgs sq.m
De Barao the giant20-22 kg per bush
Polbig4 kg per square meter
Sweet bunch2.5-3.2 kg per square meter
Red bunch10 kg per bush
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Pink Lady25 kg per square meter
Countryman18 kg per bush
Batianya6 kg per bush
Golden jubilee15-20 kg per square meter


The main advantages of the "Sugar Giant" are:

  • large-fruited tomatoes;
  • versatility of use;
  • resistance to temperature extremes and lack of moisture;
  • high immunity to diseases.

Among the disadvantages of the variety are the fact that the plant is demanding on the fertilization regime during plant growth, as well as weak branches.

When the fruits reach varietal maturity, they acquire a pink-red color. Rounded in shape, slightly elongated. Tomatoes are quite large 350-450 g, sometimes they can reach 650-700 g, but this is rare, and even then only in the south... The number of chambers is 6-7, the dry matter content is 5%. Sugar Giant tomatoes have excellent taste. Not suitable for preservation due to the size of the fruit. Can be used in barrel salting. Thanks to their high sugar content and low solids content, these tomatoes make a wonderful juice.

You can compare the weight of tomatoes of this variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight (grams)
Sugar giant250-500
Russian size650-2000
Grandma's gift180-220
American ribbed300-600
Golden jubilee150-200

A photo

Pay attention to the photo of the "Sugar Giant" tomato:


The bush is usually formed into two stems, but one can also be formed. Due to its high growth, it is imperative to tie up and make supports under the branches. This will provide additional wind protection if the tomato is grown outdoors. Responds very well to complex subcortexes.

"Sugar giant" in unprotected soil is best grown in the southern regions. In areas of the middle lane, the bushes will be lower, and the fruits are smaller, but this does not affect the taste. To increase yields in the middle lane, it is better to grow it in film shelters. In more northern regions, it gives a good harvest only in greenhouses.

Diseases and pests

The plant practically does not suffer from fungal infections. The only thing to be afraid of is diseases associated with improper care. To avoid such problems when growing, you should regularly ventilate the room where your tomatoes are growing and observe the watering and lighting regime.

Of the harmful insects, it is often exposed to melon aphids and thrips, especially in the southern regions; the Zubr remedy is successfully used against them. It can also be attacked by the Colorado potato beetle, the drug "Prestige" is used against it.

Like many other species, the greenhouse whitefly can be invaded; it is fought with the drug "Confidor".

As you can see from the description, “Sugar Giant” tomatoes are not the most difficult to care for, the only difficulty is the weakness of both the bush itself and its branches, this requires garters and props, otherwise everything is no more complicated than with other varieties of tomatoes. Good luck and great harvests.

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