Delicacy tomato "Sweet miracle": description of the variety and secrets of cultivation

Delicacy tomato

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Lovers of large tomatoes with a pleasant taste are ready to put up with their moderate yield, difficulty in care and other nuances.

Those who have tasted the original fruits of the Sweet Chudo variety at least once will never refuse them. Tall bushes are planted in hotbeds and greenhouses, and the harvest is harvested in the second half of summer.

You will find a detailed description of the variety later in the article. You will also be able to get acquainted with its characteristics, peculiarities of planting and cultivation, and other subtleties of agricultural technology.

Tomato Sweet Miracle: variety description

Variety nameSweet Miracle
general descriptionMid-season, indeterminate high-yielding variety
Ripening period111-115 days
The formHeart-shaped
Average weight of tomatoes600-1000 grams
ApplicationDining room
Variety yieldup to 6 kg per bush
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceDisease resistant

Sweet Chudo is a mid-season high-yielding variety.

The bush is indeterminate, tall, spreading, requires compulsory pinching.

In a greenhouse, the plant reaches 1.8 m in height. The leaf is dark green, simple. Fruits ripen in small clusters of 3 pcs. The yield is average, up to 10 very large tomatoes can be harvested from a bush... Ripening is gradual, the last ovaries are formed at the end of summer.

The fruits are large, weighing from 600 g to 1 kg. The shape is cordate or comb-shaped, elongated. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep red. The pulp is small-seeded, fleshy, juicy.

The taste of tomatoes is delicious, rich-sweet, expressive... Subtle pleasant aroma. The high sugar content makes this variety ideal for dietary and baby food.

You can compare the weight indicators of different varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Sweet Miracle600-1000 grams
Nastenka150-200 grams
Valentine80-90 grams
Garden pearl15-20 grams
Domes of Siberia200-250 grams
Caspar80-120 grams
Morozko50-200 grams
Blagovest f1110-150 grams
Irina120 grams
Octopus f1150 grams
Dubrava60-105 grams

Origin and application

The Sladkoe Chudo variety was bred by Russian breeders and is intended for indoor use: film greenhouses or greenhouses. In warm climates, planting in open beds is possible.

Fruits are well stored, transportation is possible... Picked green tomatoes ripen quickly at room temperature.

Salad fruits, they are very tasty fresh, suitable for making soups, side dishes, snacks, mashed potatoes. Ripe tomatoes make a wonderful sweet juice.

A photo

The photo shows a tomato Sweet Miracle:

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the variety:

  • high palatability of fruits;
  • good preservation of the harvested tomatoes;
  • resistance to major diseases.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • the need for formation;
  • a tall bush needs solid support;
  • the yield is not too high, up to 6 kg per bush, depending on the intensity of fertilizing.

You can compare the yield of the variety in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Sweet Miracleup to 6 kg per bush
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Rocket6.5 kg per square meter
Summer resident4 kg per bush
Premier6-9 kg per square meter
Doll8-9 kg per square meter
Stolypin8-9 kg per square meter
Broody10-11 kg per square meter
Black bunch6 kg per bush
Fat jack5-6 kg per bush
Buyan9 kg per bush

Growing features

Seeds are sown for seedlings in late March and early April. A light soil is used from a mixture of garden soil with humus and river sand. You can add a little superphosphate, potash fertilizers or wood ash to the substrate.

Before sowing, the seeds are soaked in a growth promoter, disinfection in a pink solution of potassium permanganate is possible. Read more about seed treatment here. Sowing is carried out with a depth of about 2 cm, plantings are sprayed with warm water and covered with a film.

For successful germination, a temperature of 23-25 ​​degrees is needed. After emergence, the containers are rearranged to bright light and periodically rotated for uniform growth.

Watering moderate, as the topsoil dries up... It is more convenient to use a spray bottle or watering can.

When the first pair of true leaves unfolds on the seedlings, it is dived in separate pots and fed with liquid complex fertilizer. The hardened sprouts are hardened by taking them out into the open air, first for several hours, and then for the whole day.

Transplantation to a permanent residence is carried out when the plants are 60 days old. The soil is carefully loosened and fertilized with a fresh portion of humus. But 1 sq. m, you can place no more than 3 plants, thickening of the plantings greatly reduces the yield.

Immediately after planting, tall bushes are attached to stakes or trellises. As the fruit ripens, heavy branches also need to be tied up. It is recommended to water the plants as the soil dries up, with warm, settled water.

During the season, the bushes need to be fed with full complex fertilizer at least 3 times... For greater productivity, plants are formed into 2 or 3 stems, removing excess shoots after 4-5 brushes.

  • Organic, mineral, phosphorus, complex and ready-made fertilizers, for seedlings and TOP of the best.
  • Yeast, iodine, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, ash, boric acid.
  • What is foliar dressing and when picking, how to carry it out.

Pests and diseases

Tomato variety Sweet Miracle is not too susceptible to disease. Early ripening protects fruits from late blight, proper watering and timely airing helps prevent root, apical or gray rot.

Plantings can be threatened by pests. In early summer, plants are attacked by a spider mite, which helps to get rid of insecticides. They are sprayed with plantings 2-3 times with an interval of 3 days. Aphids can be removed with warm soapy water.

Sweet Chudo tomatoes are an interesting variety, worthy to take a place in a greenhouse... Several bushes will provide the gardener with tasty and healthy fruits, the seed for the next seasons can be harvested independently from ripe tomatoes.

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