Unique and memorable tomato "Striped chocolate": variety description, photo

Unique and memorable tomato

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Tomato Striped chocolate (Chocolate Stripes) has several more variants of the name - "Chocolate stripes", "Chocolate striped".

This unusual variety surprises with its unusual color and unique taste. You will learn more about tomatoes of this variety from our article. In it, we will present a complete description of the variety, characteristics, features of agricultural technology and a tendency to disease.

Tomato Striped chocolate: variety description

Variety nameStriped chocolate
general descriptionMid-season determinant variety
Ripening period105-110 days
The formFlattened-rounded
ColorBurgundy with red and green stripes
Average weight of tomatoes500 gram
Variety yield8 kgs sq.m
Growing featuresStandard agricultural technology
Disease resistanceResistant to major diseases

Striped chocolate is a relatively recent tomato variety. The plant is determinant - the point of termination of growth is determined, usually after 6-8 brushes. Not a standard bush.

Rhizome is powerful with horizontal development. The stem is resistant, strong, leafy. Leaves of medium size, wrinkled, "potato" type, without pubescence of a dark green color.

The inflorescence is simple, formed above the eighth leaf, then it is laid every 2 leaves. From one inflorescence up to 5 large fruits... Tomatoes Striped chocolate grow to about 150 cm in height, are mid-season varieties, fruits ripen 95 days after germination.

High resistance to many diseases... Suitable for cultivation in open ground and under film shelters, in greenhouses.


The sizes are large - up to 15 cm in diameter, the weight can reach 1 kg, the average weight is 500 g. The shape is rounded, flattened at the bottom and top.

You can see the weight of fruits of other varieties in the table below:

Variety nameFruit weight
Striped chocolate500 gram
Red Guard230 gram
Diva120 grams
Yamal110-115 grams
The Golden Fleece85-100 grams
Red Arrow70-130 grams
Crimson ringing150 grams
Verlioka80-100 grams
Countryman60-80 grams
Caspar80-120 grams

The highlight of the variety is the color of its ripe fruits. Burgundy (chocolate) tomatoes with numerous stripes of dark green and red colors. Unripe fruits are usually light green in color. The skin is smooth, firm, but not thick.

The pulp is fleshy, with the same lush color, it contains few seeds, and there are many chambers for them - up to 8. The amount of dry matter is low. Juicy fruits have a sugary sweet taste with a "tomato" aroma. Children like it very much.

Storage is satisfactory. Transportation is poorly tolerated.

Tomato Striped chocolate is a product of the selection of US scientists, new to our gardeners. Not included in the State Register for the Russian Federation yet. Cultivation is acceptable in all regions of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

Because of the unique taste, they are often consumed fresh, interestingly colored fruits will decorate many salads, and an exquisite aroma will also remain in hot snacks.

Suitable for the production of tomato products, but not for the production of juice. In conservation it shows itself just as well. Not suitable for whole-fruited pickling because of its size.

The yield is average, there are few fruits, but because of the decent size of the fruits, about 8 kg per square meter are harvested from one square meter.

You can compare the yield of the variety with others in the table below:

Variety nameYield
Striped chocolate8 kgs sq.m
Polbig4 kg per plant
Kostroma5 kg per bush
Lazy15 kg per square meter
Fat jack5-6 kg per plant
Lady Shedi7.5 kg per square meter
Bella Rosa5-7 kg per square meter
Dubrava2 kg per bush
Batianya6 kg per bush
Pink spam20-25 kg per square meter

A photo

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage is the cracking of the fruit at high temperatures outside.


  • large fruits;
  • interesting colors;
  • extraordinary taste;
  • fruiting all season;
  • disease resistance.

Growing features

A feature can be called the variety itself and its color. There is a low availability of this variety in our country. Sowing seedlings for greenhouse cultivation in mid-March, for open ground - mid-April.

The temperature for seed germination must be above 25 degrees. Seedlings appear in 6-8 days, while the temperature drops to 20 degrees.

There are a huge number of ways to grow tomato seedlings. We bring to your attention a series of articles on how to do this:

  • in twists;
  • in two roots;
  • in peat tablets;
  • without picking;
  • on Chinese technology;
  • in bottles;
  • in peat pots;
  • without land.

Planting seedlings to a permanent place in a greenhouse - early May, in open ground - early June. Planting density in the greenhouse is 2 plants per 1 sq. M, in the open field - 3 plants per 1 sq. M.

You need to plant in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight, you need some shade. Fruiting begins in greenhouse conditions in June, outdoors in July, and ends in September.

Patching in the greenhouse is recommended, the formation of a plant in 1 stem is necessary, in the open field pinching is not required. Grasshopping is carried out no more than once every 2 weeks, shoots up to 4 cm are removed, otherwise the plant itself can be damaged.

Tying is necessary... Usually, vertical trellises or individual stakes are used. Garter material - only synthetics! It does not cause rotting of the plant.

There is a good shelf life in a calm state, despite the juiciness. The harvested crop is stored in a dark, dry place..

It is very important to use the correct soil for both seedlings and mature plants in greenhouses. We will tell you about what types of soil for tomatoes exist, how to prepare the correct soil yourself and how to prepare the soil in a greenhouse in spring for planting.

Do not forget about such agrotechnical techniques when planting tomatoes as loosening, mulching, feeding.

Diseases and pests

Tomato variety Striped chocolate is resistant to powdery mildew, stem, root and fruit rot, late blight, mosaic. Not afraid of "tomato aphid" and scoop.

Preventive action is needed against the onset of disease. An unusual variety will bring only positive emotions to gardeners.

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