Container gardening is a great way to diversify the plant world in your garden

Container gardening is a great way to diversify the plant world in your garden

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How to grow plants growing in a subtropical climate in central Russia? For this, there is a tub or attachment culture.

About what it is, what plants are suitable for growing in tubs, how to choose them, plant and properly care for them, we will talk in this article.

And also, consider how you can use this garden landscaping method.

What is container gardening

Evergreen trees are grown in bulky pots or tubs.

Ornamental trees overwinter at home, and during the warm period they are pleasing to the eye in the street, exposed in a tub or dug into the soil.

This type of landscaping is called container landscaping..

The need for this method of landscaping is associated with weather conditions, lack of suitable soil. This method is irreplaceable in urban conditions and when decorating paved areas.

Gardeners resort to planting plants in a pot that are not suitable for growing in Central Russian soil.

The principles of choosing a tree for a tub

The containers are used to grow exotic plants. How to choose trees that will take root in a tub:

  • Beautifully flowering plant varieties.
  • Dwarf species.
  • Trees adapted for pruning.
  • Choose the scale of the tree carefully: the volume of the crown should be in harmony with the size of the pot.
  • The root system is adapted to grow in the tub.

When buying a plant, you can determine whether it is a tub or was grown in the open field. A tree, adapted for years in a tub, has a dense clod of earth on its roots, if the earth crumbles from the roots, it means that the tree was transplanted from the ground.

Principles for choosing a container for a plant

There are many containers for growing plants on sale. They can be selected by their appearance and material.

Types of containers:

  1. Mobile.
  2. Stationary.
  3. The pot-in-pot system is used to combine the decorative and plastic parts of the tub, which maintains the desired temperature regime.
  4. "Smart" containers, made on the principle of a pot in a pot, have built-in irrigation systems.

Necessary conditions for planting:

  • Drainage system.
  • The size of the pot should be appropriate for the scale of watering and the size of the plant.

Options for placing pots in a country house

Looking around the site, you can find the desired place for installing the tub. The secret of the style of the site: shrubs of the same size in a row in the same pots.

A practical idea for moving a container is to use a trolley on wheels.

10 best decorative trees for the Central Russian strip

We list the most versatile options that can be transplanted into the garden if necessary. One of the conditions for keeping these plants in winter is to put a stand under the bottom of the pot to avoid hypothermia.

Abelia grandiflorum

An evergreen plant that blooms beautifully for 3-4 seasons. It has pinkish-white flowers, its size is 1-3 meters.


Belongs to the olive family, subspecies - Chinese and Japanese Delaway privet.

The shrub is used to create animal shapes using a skeleton.


There are subspecies Japanese and Fortune. Dwarf species are distinguished by a variegated leaf.

The plant is susceptible to infection with powdery mildew, spraying and timely pruning are necessary.


Does not grow outdoors. Its favorable response to the haircut makes it possible to create decorative forms. It is better to avoid waterlogging, it is recommended to fertilize the soil with fertilizers.

Lavrovychny medicinal

Belongs to the pink family. Its dark green leaves look beautiful, keep in mind that the plant is poisonous.

Japanese medlar

A subtropical tree of oriental origin, grows worse in a tub than in the air, moderate watering is required.


The shrub is evergreen and poisonous, belongs to the shrub family. The popularity of oleander among summer residents is associated with the beauty of flowers of all shades of pink and white varieties.

It should be protected from cold weather, it tolerates heat in summer well, does not require placement in the shade.


The holly family is rich in a beautiful greenish-silvery tree reminiscent of spruce.

I am pleased with the opportunity to use it on New Year's holidays, decorated with berries holly - a great way to decorate a terrace or balcony.

There is also a holly shrub that is suitable for pruning, allowing live figures to be grown.

Oriental flatfish

Heat-loving cypress cannot be planted in open soil, a pot for growing it is the only option. To avoid depleting the soil, replanting the tree as it grows or trimming the roots is recommended.

Boxwood evergreen

A shrub that gives an opportunity for decorative haircuts .. Suitable for different styles.

Benefits of attachment culture

  • You can choose an exotic option.
  • The ability to move.
  • Convenience of rearrangement.
  • Imitation of decor for the countries of the south.

Disadvantages of attachment culture

  • A small amount of soil forces the use of fertilizers.
  • Frequent watering is required, overdrying can lead to death.
  • Shade required for outdoor installation.
  • Carrying the container can be difficult.

Landing features

The best time to start planting is early spring. Planting is carried out according to the principle of planting indoor.

It should be noted that the soil for the tub is light, therefore, the container needs to be heavier with stones or tiles.


Acclimatization is called acclimatization of a tub plant to grow in the fresh air, lighting changes, precipitation appears, humidity changes.

For gradual training, it is better to roll out the trees in containers using a cart for several hours to places on the site, protected from rain, sun and gusts of wind.

The period of being outdoors increases every day. A sudden rearrangement of the tub from the home microclimate to the street can destroy a capricious plant.

Transplanting into a larger pot is also carried out in March, the type of soil is matched to the type of plant. Bulky pots can be decorated with ivy.

After digging the pot into the soil, additional care is required:

  • pruning deformed branches;
  • fertilizer.

You need to change the soil every spring. In the process of transplantation, disinfection is carried out with special means.

Landscaping of a site in clay containers is a great way to create an exotic style in the Central Russian strip.

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