Cooking for a children's picnic in the country: turkey brtuch

Cooking for a children's picnic in the country: turkey brtuch

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In general, any small dish made from Armenian lavash is called brtuch when it comes to compact rolls that are served as an appetizer.

It is more than easy to prepare such an appetizer, and the taste can be simply incredible..

At the same time, you can choose a wide variety of fillings.

We use turkey and cream cheese in this recipe. The classic version and optimal for a children's picnic.


  • a pair of thin pita bread;
  • some iceberg lettuce;
  • some yogurt;
  • packaging of cream cheese;
  • salt, pepper and other spices to taste;
  • boiled turkey breast.


  1. The turkey is finely chopped, mixed with yogurt, salted and pepper.
  2. Lavash is smeared with cream cheese and iceberg lettuce cut into thin pieces is placed there.
  3. Put the second pita on top and spread the filling on this pita, then roll up the roll.
  4. Then leave in the cold for a couple of hours in food grade plastic.
  5. All that remains is to cut into small pieces and serve.

You can complement this dish with various herbs in a sauce for meat or cream cheese.

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