What effect does boric acid have if it drips into the ears during pregnancy?

What effect does boric acid have if it drips into the ears during pregnancy?

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A woman in an interesting position may face health problems. Since getting sick and taking medications during pregnancy is not at all desirable, it is important to protect yourself as much as possible from all kinds of ailments. This article will discuss the treatment of otitis media in pregnant women with boric acid. It seemed that the medicine for inflammation of the ears, proven for decades, was practically harmless, because it is used in the treatment of otitis media in children, but this is not so. In this article, we will consider what effect boric acid has if it drips into the ears during pregnancy.

Can a future mommy drip it?

First you need to figure out how the medication helps in the treatment of otitis media. Boric acid, which is part of the product, has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting properties.

It should be noted right away that boric acid in otolaryngology for pregnant women used to be used quite often... Due to the fact that science and medicine are moving forward, it became known that boric acid does not so harmlessly affect both a pregnant woman and a child.

Attention! The choice in favor of boric acid is made only in those cases when there is no other choice and only after consulting a doctor.

Features of the use of boric acid:

  • the solution must be heated to approximately the temperature of the human body;
  • you can not drip boric acid if there are various kinds of discharge from the ear;
  • if after 3-5 days there is no improvement, then the use should be discontinued.

The procedure for using boric alcohol as ear drops is as follows:

  1. even if one ear bothers, both need to be treated;
  2. it is necessary to bury 2-4 drops in each ear 3 times a day;
  3. before you drip your ears, you need to clean them well, you can use hydrogen peroxide;
  4. after the procedure, it is better to lie down in a warm place for 15-20 minutes.

What effect does it have on a woman?

The most obvious harm boric alcohol can do is cause an allergic reaction. Redness and rashes may occur in different places, even in those pregnant women who have not had a negative reaction to the drug before. In rare cases, intoxication of the body may occur, after exceeding the dosage, or due to special sensitivity to the drug. This happens quickly because the droplets are immediately absorbed into the tissue and thus the bloodstream.

A woman may experience nausea, headache. It is also dangerous because the period of decomposition of boric acid in the human body is about 5-6 days. And the cumulative effect after repeated use of acid can be quite deplorable.

Influence on the child

The baby in the womb can also be harmed by this medication. It can be all kinds of allergic reactions (rash, redness on the skin). With the greatest caution, boric acid should be used when the fetus is diagnosed with diseases of the kidneys, genitourinary system.

Important! Before using even such, at first glance, harmless drug, you should consult a doctor, gynecologist.

The use of boric acid in the treatment of ear diseases in adults has been tested for years and is recommended by doctors, you just need to follow the instructions for use. Read the articles of our experts on how to make a turunda or a compress, and also find out what is the difference between boric acid and the alcohol of the same name and salicylic acid.

Boric alcohol This drug is not exactly the same thing with acid.

How to choose a drug?

Most often, boric acid is used with a 0.5-10% alcohol solution. This is a fairly high concentration, and it can affect a completely healthy person quite unexpectedly, especially after 3-5 days of treatment.

For children and pregnant women, there is a 2-3% boric acid solution. This optimal option allows you to cope with ear inflammations without negative consequences.

If the situation is difficult, you can drip a 5% solution into your ears several times., but the drug must be adjusted for the patient.

Safe analogues

As with many drugs, boric acid has analogues. Basically, they are more gentle and non-allergenic. Otipax is convenient because it can be used by both pregnant women and babies. It contains lidocaine (pain reliever) and phenazone (anti-inflammatory). Otofa is also a worthy substitute for the well-known acid. In conclusion, it should be noted that, despite the toxicity of boric acid, it continues to be widely used in the treatment of otitis media.

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