Features of the preparation of Chinese cabbage: how to cut correctly for salads and other dishes?

Features of the preparation of Chinese cabbage: how to cut correctly for salads and other dishes?

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Peking cabbage is a very healthy product from China, which, at the same time, has good taste.

Some eat it separately, some add it to salads, some make stuffed cabbage rolls, casseroles or even stuff it out of it. Human fantasy in this case is limitless, and everyone can find a recipe to their liking.

Whatever you cook, it is very important to cut the Chinese cabbage correctly, which will be discussed in this article.

Why is it important to do it right?

It has long been known that the taste of the dish strongly depends on the slicing... Try, for example, imagine a Caesar salad, into which the same volume of chicken is cut as in Olivier, quail eggs are finely crumbled rather than cut in half, and cherry tomatoes are completely cut into small cubes. It is unlikely that it will be like the dish that everyone knows, and many love it so much.

In addition to the taste, the appearance of the dish and its texture also depend on the slicing, which is so important to preserve if the dish is being prepared for the arrival of guests, for a beloved family or for a festive table. Ultimately, improper cutting can waste some of the cabbage.


What kind of inventory to take?

Everything is simple here:

  • The knife should be as sharp as possible, well sharpened, with a long blade of medium (closer to large) width, in order to accurately and accurately cut thin leaves.
  • A glass or wooden board is taken - it also does not matter, the main thing is that the surface is smooth (although it will most likely be more convenient to cut on a wooden board).
  • We also need a deep bowl.

The size

The size of the cut depends on the dish into which the cabbage is cut:

  • On the Caesar salad, for example, Chinese cabbage, on the contrary, is cut quite coarsely.
  • On Kim Chi - even larger - in fact - it is almost not cut (you can see simple and delicious Korean kimchi recipes from Peking cabbage here).
  • The shredder also comes in different sizes - finely chopped cabbage is used for salads, large - for soups and other cooked dishes.


  1. Separate the leaves from the head, discard the top ones, and rinse the rest well.
  2. Pour cold water into a bowl and dip the Chinese cabbage leaves there for a few minutes to maintain their shape and juiciness.
  3. Remove the leaves from the water, shake them off and pat dry with paper towels.

In no case should you get rid of the white part of the leaves: it is the most juicy and contains more nutrients than the green part.

How to slice on Kim Chi?

Kim Chi is a Korean salad that came to Russia not so long ago. For its preparation, Peking cabbage leaves are used, sauerkraut in a special solution. For this Chinese cabbage leaves are cut in a special way:

  1. Take forks of cabbage, wash under running cold water, remove the top leaves.
  2. The cabbage fork is cut in half along the length of the petioles (white parts), so as not to damage the leaves. Separate the forks slowly and gently so that the Chinese cabbage leaves gently separate from each other.
  3. Each half must be cut again to the length of the petioles and divided, maintaining the integrity of the leaves.

    Moreover, if a very small cabbage fork is taken, it can only be cut into two parts.

  4. The resulting equal four parts are soaked in a special solution.

Chop into Caesar salad

Peking cabbage is traditionally cut into large pieces for Caesar.... As a rule, they cut off the leaf and leave only the green part. The white, hard part of the leaf can be added to soup or stewed with something. Each green piece of leaf must be divided into either two or four parts (depending on your desire and the size of the leaf).

Another option, unconventional, is to manually cut or tear the entire sheet (including the white part) into 2x2 squares. Although this option is not classic, it may be even better, because the white part of Chinese cabbage, which does not go to the traditional Caesar salad, is more juicy and contains many useful substances.


There are several ways to shred Chinese cabbage. This is an extremely fast and versatile way of slicing.

  • Prepared (washed, etc.) cabbage should be placed on a board and cut in half in white pieces (how to wash and peel Chinese cabbage before cooking?). Next, you need to lay the cabbage halves on the board with the cut down and, trying to make the same indents all the time, starting from the edge, cut the cabbage into strips. This will help to chop the cabbage finely. This slicing is perfect for salads.
  • For a large shredder, you also need to divide the cabbage forks into two parts, then cut each half exactly along the center. You should get equal quarters. Shred the cabbage across to the width you want. A large shredder is usually used if you are going to add Chinese cabbage to soup or other hot dishes, i.e. subject it to heat treatment (for the best recipes for making soup, borscht and other first courses with Peking cabbage, read here).
  • The easiest and fastest way to shred Peking cabbage is to shred it in standard kitchen electronics such as a food processor, blender, and grinder with a vegetable attachment. This is done like this:
    1. The cabbage, washed and dried with paper towels, is cut into small pieces so that they can easily pass into the feed opening. Do not load too bulky pieces of cabbage: this can break the device.
    2. Next, you need to assemble the device by installing the shredder attachment of the required size.
    3. Turn on the appliance and gradually load new chunks of Chinese cabbage into it, pushing them against the rotating blade with the pusher.

    The use of electrical appliances allows you to achieve a very fine shredder, perfect for some salads.

If you are shredding Peking cabbage by hand, you should remember how you need to hold the knife, because this affects both the shredding speed and the safety of this event.

The knife is held with the whole palm, while the thumb is on the side of the blade, the index finger is on top of the knife, as if "pressing" on the blade, and the rest of the fingers are under the handle, but so that there is no contact with the blade.

A photo

Check out what a properly chopped Peking cabbage looks like in the photo.

What is wrong slicing and what is it fraught with?

Incorrect cutting of Peking cabbage is cutting it into pieces of the wrong size for a particular dish. Simply put, a thin cabbage shredder on a Caesar, a fine cut on a Kim-Chi - these are all examples of improperly slicing Peking cabbage.

The consequences of this are quite understandable - in fact, you get a completely different dish, not the one you wanted to cook. He really can have a completely different taste. For example, if you cut the cabbage too thinly on the Caesar, the fork will end up with large, bulky pieces of chicken, halves of cherry tomatoes and a couple of thinnest strips of Peking cabbage. Of course, this will not be the same salad that is served in good restaurants.

So, we told you about the features of the correct slicing of Peking cabbage, about the preparation of cabbage, about what types of slicing are and what dishes each of them is used for, what equipment is needed for slicing and what mistakes in this delicate matter are fraught with. We hope our article will be useful for you and your dishes will turn out exactly the way you wanted to cook them. We wish you good cooking luck!

A variety of dishes made from it can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding gourmet: salted, pickled, fresh, fried, stewed - Peking cabbage is good in any form.

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