Removing papillomas with garlic - the pros and cons of the method, folk recipes

Removing papillomas with garlic - the pros and cons of the method, folk recipes

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Garlic is widely used in folk medicine to treat various diseases. It is also used to cleanse the skin from neoplasms, in particular, papillomas. Why garlic is so effective in the fight against papillomas and how to use it correctly - we will figure it out in this article.

Removing papillomas with ordinary garlic can be very effective, because it is an excellent natural immunomodulator.

A person usually develops warts and other growths on the body with a reduced level of the immune system. These are favorable conditions for the development of the human papillomavirus. After its activation, the skin around the formation begins to grow, resulting in the formation of warts.

General Provisions

Garlic is a vegetable with truly healing properties. The effectiveness of garlic in the treatment of papillomas is due to the unique composition:

  • The substance allicin, which is part of garlic, has a protective effect, prevents the penetration of the human papillomavirus (HPV) into the body, and also suppresses the existing virus and its manifestations.
  • Biologically active substances, which the vegetable is rich in, slow down the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria, strengthen the immune system and increase the body's resistance to viruses (read here how to use garlic for immunity).
  • Cytostatics are compounds that slow down the rate of cell division in neoplasms and tumors.
  • Essential oils contained in a vegetable in large quantities have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, block the growth of existing papillomas and prevent the formation of new ones.

Garlic helps to remove cosmetic defects in the skin caused by the presence of HPV in the body, but does not heal the virus itself. To date, there is no cure for the papilloma virus.

Benefit and harm

The benefits of garlic in the fight against neoplasms are undeniable:

  1. it helps to strengthen the immune system, which is why the body most successfully fights the papilloma virus;
  2. helps to get rid of ugly neoplasms on the body in a short time;
  3. is inexpensive, readily available and, at the same time, very effective.

However, using this vegetable against papillomas, a person can cause irreparable harm to himself if the education turns out to be of poor quality. Before any attempt to get rid of papilloma, it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the nature of the neoplasm.

Also, misuse of garlic can cause skin irritation or even burns.


It is contraindicated to treat papillomas with garlic if:

  • papilloma is large;
  • the neoplasm has an atypical shape, color;
  • the patient is allergic to a vegetable;
  • a person has very thin and delicate skin.

How to treat at home?

There are many popular recipes for treating papillomas on different parts of the body using this spicy vegetable. Consider methods of treating papillomas on the face.


For treatment you will need:

  • garlic juice;
  • some flour;
  • adhesive plaster.


  1. It is necessary to mix the components in a 1: 1 ratio, apply to the site of the neoplasm and fix with adhesive tape.
  2. Before the procedure, you need to cleanse your face from dirt and cosmetics, wipe dry.
  3. It is recommended to keep the compress for several hours, but it is better to leave it overnight.

The course of treatment for small papilloma lasts about three weeks. After this time, the neoplasm disappears.

An allergy test must be performed before using a product containing garlic externally.... To do this, you need to apply a little of the composition to the elbow area for 15 minutes.

In case of redness, burning or pain, you must immediately remove the product from the skin and do not use it further.


Recipes for the most effective tinctures for removing neoplasms at home:

  1. Indian onion tincture... You will need 50 g of Indian onions and 500 ml of alcohol. Grind the vegetable, place in a dark glass container and add alcohol, keep in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. After the expiration date, strain the tincture. Wipe papilloma with alcoholic tincture of Indian onions 3-4 times a day for 10-15 days. The infusion successfully cauterizes the papilloma, and it disappears without a trace.
  2. Alcohol tincture of garlic... To prepare it, you will need 100 ml of garlic juice and the same amount of pure pharmacy alcohol and distilled water. Mix all ingredients and store in a glass container in a cool dark place. The mixture is applied to the papilloma with a cotton pad 3 times a day. To eliminate the neoplasm, it is necessary to undergo a course of 2 weeks.

It is very convenient to use tinctures to remove papillomas on the face, as they act quickly and eliminate the need to apply a compress for a long time.

You can not use tinctures to remove neoplasms in the eye area, on the eyelids. If it gets into the eye, the mixture can burn the cornea..


Garlic ointment recipes to remove papillomas on the face:

  • Ointment with honey... You will need 1 large or 2 small cloves of garlic and 10 g of honey. Grind the vegetable thoroughly and mix with honey. Apply the mass with a thick layer on the papilloma and leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse. The procedure must be carried out twice a day. The course is 20 days.
  • Olive oil ointment... You will need 1 medium clove of garlic and 1 tsp. olive oil. Pass the clove through a press and mix with the oil. It is necessary to apply the ointment to the papilloma area 1-2 times a day for 15 minutes. This method gives results in 3 weeks.
  • Ointment with baby cream... You need to mix 10 g of fatty baby cream and 1 minced garlic clove. Apply the mass in a thick layer to the required areas for 1-2 hours. Such an ointment will allow you to get rid of chronic papilloma on the face in 20-25 days.

Each portion of the ointment must be prepared immediately before applying to the skin.

Vegetable juice

The papilloma must be wiped with a fresh cut of garlic cloves 3 times a day... Due to the fact that fresh juice contains a maximum of active components, this method will help get rid of a neoplasm on the face in 10-14 days.

What if the skin is very sensitive?

Sensitive skin is not a reason to skip a neoplastic agent like garlic. The variety of recipes is amazing, but it is advisable to immediately choose the most suitable option for yourself. After all, a wart can grow in an open area of ​​the body, as well as in a hard-to-reach place or on the mucous membrane.

The longer the delay lasts, the less chance of getting rid of the build-up without the use of drugs and procedures. Before removing papillomas with garlic, be sure to consult with your doctor... To make the effect on the skin more gentle, it is necessary to reduce the proportion of this vegetable in recipes by 2 times, without increasing the contact time of the composition with the skin.

After removing the composition, the site of exposure must be thoroughly rinsed under running water and applied with a moisturizing or soothing cream.

You can read how garlic helps against skin diseases, warts, coughs, high blood pressure, runny nose, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, colds, parasites, joint diseases.

We suggest watching a video on how to get rid of papillomas with garlic:


Garlic has been popularly used to remove skin growths for many years.... It combines naturalness and high efficiency. However, modern medicine does not welcome this approach to removing papillomas on the face and advises turning to more progressive drugs and procedures.

Watch the video: EXTRA LARGE TOE WART REMOVAL (July 2022).


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