Shrub pruning

Shrub pruning

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Question: pruning

I live in Oleggio (no) I returned from June I would like to know if I can prune roses hydrangeas wild cherry maple jasmine thanks

Shrub pruning: Answer: pruning

Dear Dolores,
roses are pruned in autumn or at the end of winter, to encourage the development of new branches, if you prune at the end of winter, within 30-40 days you will have the first flowering; the prunus instead are pruned after flowering, if you can prune them at the end of winter you will get very little spring flowering; the hydrangeas are pruned at the end of winter, or in autumn, simply removing the withered inflorescences of last year, avoiding the excesses that could cause the production of very small inflorescences; the maple is pruned in autumn or at the end of winter, and the same is true for ilg elsomino (I think it is a trachelospermum jasminoides), which can be pruned all year round, being a vigorous creeper.


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