Features of the use of fodder beets by animals - can it be given to rabbits, chickens, goats and other livestock?

Features of the use of fodder beets by animals - can it be given to rabbits, chickens, goats and other livestock?

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Fodder beets are a source of mineral and pectin substances, therefore they are very useful for feeding various animals.

In winter, it does not lose its beneficial properties, it is well stored and replenishes the supply of vitamins in the body. In the article, we will find out whether it is possible to feed animals with a red vegetable.

Also, from the article, you can clarify what varieties of fodder beets you need to feed animals such as: a cow, goat, rabbits, pigs and chickens, and also consider the reasons why guinea pigs, decorative rabbits and hamsters cannot be fed with beets.

Can animals be fed with red vegetables?

Both large and small farms grow fodder beets for use as animal feed.

  1. The vegetable is especially useful for feeding cows, goats and sheep. The fact is that beets contain a large amount of moisture, therefore, milk yield increases. The milk of animals that feed on this vegetable becomes more pleasant to the taste, does not have a bitter taste.
  2. Chickens also react very positively to beets. For their feeding, not only root crops are used, but also tops. Vegetables can be fed to poultry either cooked or raw. It is especially important to include beets in the diet in winter, when the body is weakened and requires vitamins.
  3. It is recommended to use fodder beets for feeding pigs. The fact is that even the leaves of a plant contain twice as much protein as cereals. In addition, the root vegetable is rich in carbohydrates that are easy to digest.
  4. Rabbits are rodents, so they replenish their moisture supply with vegetables. Beets are the main source of moisture, and are also rich in vitamins that are vital for rabbits.

Important. Care must be taken when using fodder beets as animal feed. Too much or improper storage conditions can lead to poisoning.

Despite the fact that beets are a very useful root vegetable, it is highly discouraged to eat fodder beets for some animals... This applies to decorative rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters.

The fact is that beets contain fiber, which can harm the delicate stomach of the above animals. In addition, fodder beets can cause an allergic reaction, which is common in hamsters and guinea pigs.

Does the variety of the vegetable matter?

For animal feeding, the beet variety does not play a big role. The choice of a variety must be approached in terms of ripening time and shelf life. If there is a need for long storage, then it is necessary to grow varieties that are suitable for this, that is, later ones. Read more about the features of mid-season fodder beets Eckendorf yellow here, and from this article you will learn about how fodder beets differ from sugar and table beets.

Influence on the body of animals when feeding


Cows eat fodder beets with great pleasure. When it is introduced into the diet of an animal, milk yield is significantly increased.

The amount of consumed root crops should not exceed 18 kilograms per day. This rate is designed for an adult animal.

Beet feeding should be stopped 15 days before calving.


Roots contain a substance that normalizes fat metabolismand also improves digestion. As with cows, eating fodder beets by goats helps to increase milk supply and increase its fat content.

For an adult goat weighing 55 - 70 kilograms, it is enough to feed 3-4 kilograms of vegetables per day.


At any time of the year, and especially in winter, the bird needs plant feed. Eating fruits and tops of a useful plant helps to replenish the lack of vitamins in the body of the chicken. As a result, the eggs will be covered with a hard shell, and the yolk will have a bright yellow summer color, which indicates the health of the bird.

The number of beets should be calculated in such a way that no more than 30-40 are needed for one adult.


Rabbits are very active in eating both the beets themselves and their tops. it very healthy vegetable, as rabbits need fiber for normal digestionI. Eating fodder beets will result in a healthier looking coat and an improved meat taste.

An adult rabbit can consume up to 300 grams of fodder beets without harm to its body.

Important. Beets should be introduced into the diet of animals gradually. For a start, it is better to feed the rabbits with boiled vegetables.


The plant is a favorite treat for pigs. They can eat it both raw and cooked.

The result of feeding beets will be very good. Due to the fact that the root vegetable normalizes digestion, the weight gain of the animal will increase. Another beneficial property of beets is to improve fat metabolism., thus, when the animal eats vegetables, it is possible to reduce the fat content of meat.

The amount of root vegetables in the diet can reach up to 30 percent of the total amount of food consumed per day.

Beetroot is an indispensable ingredient in animal diets. It has beneficial properties that help them grow healthy, improves the quality of the products.

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