A powerful natural medicine for oncology is beet juice. How is it useful and how to take it correctly?

A powerful natural medicine for oncology is beet juice. How is it useful and how to take it correctly?

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Raw plant foods such as fruits and vegetables have powerful healing powers. For the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, and especially in the fight against oncology, it is recommended to use freshly squeezed juices. They contain all the most complete set of vitamins and other useful elements, preserving all the properties of living plants. Red beet juice is especially recommended for people with neoplasms in the body.

Let's consider what are the benefits and harms of drinking beetroot juice in oncology, how to use it to treat the liver and other organs.

Medicinal properties of root vegetables against cancer

Many scientific studies have shown that beets have the ability to stop the development of tumors... The medical literature describes many cases of recovery of patients with cancer of the stomach, lungs, rectum, bladder, etc. due to beet juice. Its healing effect was studied by the Hungarian doctor Ferenczi at the Institute of Pharmacology (read about the benefits and harms of beets for human health in a separate article).

Modern medicine has several drugs that were created on the basis of beet juice. Such a miraculous effect is understandable: oxidation processes are slowed down in atypical cancer cells, and beet juice, due to its composition, is able to activate them. Betanin, a red beetroot dye, plays a major role in this process. It stops cell division and prevents tumors from growing, negatively affecting the viability of cancer cells.

Beet juice is rich in nutrients. It contains natural sugars, fiber, pectins and proteins, which are essential for the body's energy processes. Folic acid and ferrous iron improve blood composition, help increase oxygen supply to cells and remove toxins from the body.

Vitamins A, C, PP, E and group B help to normalize metabolism, ensure full functioning of the body and increase immunity. Potassium, magnesium, iodine, calcium, manganese, as well as citric, oxalic, malic acids improve the functioning of all systems and glands, relieve slagging of the body.

Application for the treatment and prevention of cancer

Powerful medicinal properties allow a person who takes beet juice to successfully fight cancer. The neoplasm stops growing, and the size even decreases. but it is impossible to completely get rid of cancer without the intervention of classical medicine... And as a preventive measure, beets and products from it are excellent remedies.

Regular consumption of beetroot products helps:

  • reduce pain;
  • increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood and normalize ESR (read about how beets affect human blood, read here);
  • cleanse blood vessels and normalize blood pressure (you can find out how to cleanse the body with beets, as well as see recipes for improving blood vessels, intestines, liver, here);
  • reduce the level of intoxication;
  • improve appetite and give vitality;
  • increase the protective functions of the body;
  • tidy up the functioning of the nervous system and improve sleep;
  • normalize the general condition;
  • reduce the size of neoplasms.

The most the main property of the product is the ability to extend the life of the patient... All of the above properties help in improving the condition and success of the main methods of treatment (for example, chemotherapy), they are easier to tolerate.

Important! The healing effect of beetroot juice is limited by the time it is taken. When you stop taking the body, the body ceases to receive useful substances, so a relapse of the disease is possible.

What types of tumors can it affect?

A positive result of auxiliary treatment with beet juice and other products from it is achieved in cancer with different localization of the tumor, but the following types of cancer are particularly amenable to therapy:

  • bladder cancer;
  • stomach and intestinal cancer;
  • lungs' cancer.

Sometimes you can improve performance by making and taking mixtures with other juices, herbs and products (what are the benefits and harms of beetroot and carrot juice and how to take the drink read here). So, for brain tumors, a drink from infusion of mint, lemon balm and carrot with beet juice is effective, for tumors in the spleen and pancreas - a drink from infusion of sage and the same carrot-beetroot mixture.

  1. Cancer of the female genital organs It is well treated with an infusion of cinquefoil and yellow ashberry with a mixture of juices, prostate cancer - with an infusion of fireweed with a mixture of juices, and liver cancer - with a decoction of potato peel with beet and carrot juices.
  2. For tumors in the lungs and bone sarcoma it is useful to take infusions immediately from a whole bunch of herbs - plantain, fennel, lungwort and ivy budra - with a mixture of juices, and stomach cancer can be cured with a decoction of wormwood with beet and carrot juices.
  3. For cancers in the oral cavity a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and beetroot juice will work well.


Like any other remedy, beet juice and other products made from it have their own limitations in intake. So, beetroot treatment should be abandoned for the following diseases:

  • Osteoporosis. The chemical elements contained in beets do not allow the body to fully absorb calcium.
  • Diabetes. Beets contain a large amount of natural sugars, and their use can negatively affect the human condition (you can find out about whether or not you can include a vegetable in the diet for diabetes mellitus here).
  • Urolithiasis, arthritis, gout, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pyelonephritis, hypotension. Oxalic acid contained in drinks and beet products can lead to the formation and deposition of salts (is it possible for people with stomach and duodenal ulcers to eat beets, read here, and from this article you will learn about whether or not the use of this vegetable helps people with stomach and duodenal ulcers).

In addition, it is necessary to find out whether the patient has had allergic reactions or other signs of individual intolerance.

How to drink and take in the form of cake?

Traditional medicine successfully uses beet juice to treat malignant neoplasms... For this it is best to use a medium-sized root vegetable that is brightly colored and grown without the use of chemicals.

For the prevention of cancer, you can use the following recipe.

  1. Rinse with 2 kg of root vegetables, cook in clean water until tender.
  2. Then squeeze the juice from the boiled vegetables and mix with the broth.
  3. The finished drink is about 1 liter.

Take 3 times a day according to the scheme: first week - 50 g, second - 100 g, third - 150 g. If desired, and on the recommendation of a doctor, you can repeat the course.

Popular folk recipes

  1. The fruit is washed, peeled off and passed through a juicer (or you can grate and squeeze the resulting mass through cheesecloth).
  2. Freshly squeezed juice should be left in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Beetroot drink is stored for no more than 2 days. Doses are gradually increased, starting with 1 teaspoon and bringing up to the recommended volume of 600 ml.

The reception scheme is as follows: 5 times a day, half an hour before meals, 100 ml, another 100 ml - at night. You can warm up the juice a little before use. It should not be washed down with sour drinks and with yeast bread.

Duration of admission is at least a year. But even after the diagnosis is removed, for prevention purposes, it is worth continuing to take beet juice. The daily dose is reduced to 1 glass per day.

In addition to anti-carcinogenic properties, this product helps to optimize metabolism and improve blood composition.

For patients with severe intolerance to beet juice, it is permissible to change the recipe by adding carrot juice to the drink, while the proportions of beets and carrots should be 1 to 2. The product is taken in the same way.

As a supplement to treatment, it is worth adding side dishes and salads from steamed beets to the diet. Daily portion - 200-300 g.

Mix with carrots and apples

Pass all the ingredients through a juicer, the proportions of the products in the mixture are 1:10:10 (1 part of beets and 10 parts of carrots and apples). Gradually it is necessary to increase the share of beet juice in the total volume.

Reception scheme: 100 ml 3 times a day for a year.

To improve the taste, honey can be added to the juice, which will only enhance the beneficial effects of the drink. Or you can prepare a special juice mix.

For 1 kg of beets and 0.5 kg of carrots and apples, there are:

  • 3 oranges;
  • 1 lemon;
  • 150 g of honey.

Squeeze juice from all ingredients, mix and add honey.

Reception scheme: 100 g each morning before meals.

You can store such a mix in the refrigerator for no more than a week.

Hemlock home remedy

For 10 ml of beet juice, add 30 ml of mandrake tincture with hemlock and 30 ml of celandine tincture, as well as 1 drop of ASD2.

The received amount of funds is sufficient for one dose.

Reception scheme: 4 times a day half an hour before meals. Duration of admission: 6 months.

Oil cake application

Beet cake can be used for external treatment: moisten it in juice and apply to a sore spot as a compress.

It is no less effective to use it internally: the cake remaining after making the juice (about 3 tablespoons) should be eaten on an empty stomach.

Reception scheme: 3 times a day. Duration of admission: up to six months.

With an increase in the recommended dosages, negative symptoms in the form of dizziness, bouts of nausea, and indigestion may occur.

Beetroot and the medicines made from it can be a good addition to the main treatment. The recipes for products from it are simple and available for home cooking. But it should be remembered that even this treatment should be under the supervision of a doctor.

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