The most important thing is when to plant radishes. Dates for different regions, calendar of favorable days

The most important thing is when to plant radishes. Dates for different regions, calendar of favorable days

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Radish is an unpretentious spring vegetable. He easily survives cold and frost and gives his vitamins to people when other crops are just beginning to plant.

If you plant the radish correctly, in compliance with the required deadlines, you can easily get a good harvest of this tasty and healthy root vegetable.

In the article, we will tell you what time is best for planting radishes in open ground and in a greenhouse when you need to do this in different regions.

Why is meeting deadlines important?

April and May are the best time to plant radishes, according to gardeners. However, it can also be planted during the summer months, although not desirable. For this, it is better to take special varieties that are resistant to hot temperatures. For all root crops, the length of the day is extremely important.

Reference. The optimal daylight hours for radish development is 8-10 hours.

In June, daylight hours are much longer, 14 hours. With such an intense exposure to light, the root crop does not grow its root, but immediately begins to bloom and shoot an arrow.

Also, plant development is accelerated by prolonged exposure to low (below 10-12 ° C for 10-20 days) or elevated (above 22 °) temperatures, overcrowding of sowing, dry or compacted soil. The result is a flower bed instead of a harvest.

What determines the landing time?

Planting time depends on humidity, pests, soil temperature, and the length of daylight hours. The soil is harvested in the fall, and the first plantings are made in the ground that is slightly thawed by 3-4 cm.

Spring is the most favorable season for sowing. Spring soil is saturated with melt water, daylight hours are short, and there are no pests yet. Under these conditions, the fruits grow large, juicy and tasty. A short daylight hours can also be arranged artificially using a frame.

What days are favorable for planting radishes?

For planting radishes, choose an auspicious day based on the position of the moon. Choosing the right day is not difficult.

  • Root crops are planted in the waning moon phase. In the root system in this phase, there is an intensive sap flow.
  • Fertilization of the soil is also carried out in the decreasing phase so that the earth is saturated with nutrients.
  • Soaking the seeds is considered the same as planting in the ground. The water is already beginning to nourish and saturate the seed.

For your information. Seed soaking is also carried out on a suitable lunar date.

In what months and dates can you sow seeds in open ground?

In Siberia and the Far East

The earliest date for sowing radishes in a greenhouse is the end of April. By Victory Day, you can already make a landing in the ground.

To sow April radishes, the following varieties are usually used in the greenhouse:

  • Risebutter;
  • Ertapishar;
  • 18 days;
  • Note;
  • Heat;
  • hybrid Alex F1;
  • Greenhouse.

In the hot summer months, artificial shading is carried out and plant varieties resistant to flowering:

  • Heat;
  • French breakfast;
  • Duro;
  • Icicle.

The latest radish planting date is August.

In the suburbs, the Leningrad region and central Russia

The vegetable begins to be sown in greenhouses from the end of March. Since the end of April, open ground has already been used for sowing radishes.

From the second week of April, radishes can be planted in the beds, but covered with a film.

When warm weather settles in the Middle Lane, the covering material from the crops of young radish can already be removed.

It should be noted that planting radishes in June is not recommended.

In the Urals

This root crop is planted in a greenhouse in mid-April, and in a garden bed - April 20-25. Otherwise, the landing is carried out at the same time as in the Moscow region. The latest radish is grown in the twentieth of September. They plant it in a greenhouse. It is better for this to take special autumn varieties with a shelf life of up to 3 months:

  • Autumn giant;
  • Octave;
  • Luck.

The optimum temperature for radish development is from 16 to 22 degrees, and the seeds germinate already at +2 degrees. The root crop tolerates frosts up to -3 C.

Favorable days for sowing a group of root crops according to the lunar calendar

In 2018 these are:

  • January - 5-16, 25, 30;
  • February - 2-13, 6.8.21;
  • March - 3-12, 16,1,20,21;
  • April - 1-8, 12-15, 3.17, 18;
  • May - 1-6, 9-14, 30.31, 16, 17;
  • June - 1,2, 6 - 12, 29, 14;
  • July - 3 - 12, 30, 31, 17, 26;
  • August - 1-9, 27-31, 16, 21, 22;
  • September - 1-6, 23, 24, 26-30, 13, 18, 19;
  • October - 1-3, 6-8, 25-30, 10, 11, 16;
  • November - 2-6, 24-26, 30, 8, 13, 21;
  • December - 1-6, 23, 24, 27-31, 4, 9, 20.

Important: the night light is only to help you grow your crop! If you neglect weeding, watering and fertilizing, you will not be able to grow anything. It is important to stick to common sense in everything and abide by the laws of farming and planting.

What you need to know about the difference in terms for home conditions, greenhouses and vegetable gardens?

You can plant radishes on the windowsill at home all year round. But for this you need to use the backlight and create the optimal temperature. The time for planting in a greenhouse and in open ground depends on the region, we have discussed this topic above. Average, the difference between planting in a greenhouse and in an open field is 7 days.

Due to its unpretentiousness and cold resistance, radish is an excellent crop for growing in Russia. The timing of planting this root vegetable varies depending on the region and method. On average, a week passes between sowing in the greenhouse and in the garden.

We suggest watching a video on when and how best to plant radishes:

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