Frozen bougainvillea

Frozen bougainvillea

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Question: Can I recover the frost-damaged bougainvillea?

With the snow I think I lost the bougainvillea plant I planted in the south-facing terrace, what can I do to recover it?

Iced Bougainvillea: Answer: how to recover a plant ruined by frost

Dear Maria Grazia,
it all depends on what the damage to the plant has been, and how deep the frost has damaged it: if the frost and snow have also compromised the plant's root system, it is likely that in spring you will find it completely dead and dry.
Right now you can't do anything other than vigorously prune your bougainvillea, trying to remove all the branches ruined by frost, hoping that when spring comes the plant will begin to sprout again.
If the frosts have been very intense, try to prune the plant completely, or starting from the base of the stem, so as to favor the development of new branches.